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Mavlers Tech Expertise Overview

What Does Mavlers Tech Expertise And Tool Stack Look Like?

If you’d like to know more about Mavler’s tech expertise and the tools we use, this is the place to be!...

So, you have been shopping for the best-suited offshore digital marketing agency for your firm’s unique requirements and are probably exploring the tech stack, tools, and expertise on offer for all your shortlisted agencies.

You might have SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, and a host of other design requirements that will require specific software, tools, and a certain level of expertise. If you want to learn more about Mavlers’ technology expertise, we are here to provide information on all the digital marketing tools we use.

We have over twelve years of experience in digital marketing and providing white-label solutions to our clients. During this time, we’ve gathered quite a few weapons in our tech armory, so to speak!

For the following blog, we contacted experts in Team Mavlers so that you may gain clarity on our tech stack in SEO, SEM, PPC, link building, email design, and web development. Bon voyage! 🙂

Avengers Assemble! Show me your SEO, SEM, PPC, and Link Building tech stack!


We knocked on the virtual doors of our team lead for SEO services, and this is what he had to share about our tech expertise in this domain:

1. Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console

3. Google Keyword Planner

4. Google Ads

5. Google My Business

6. Screaming Frog

7. Semrush

8. Ahrefs

9. Ubersuggest

10. BuzzSumo

11. Pagespeed Insights

12. Rich Snippets

13. Spyfu

14. Yoast

15. Moz

16. SEO Quake

17. Bright Local

In SEM or PPC, we have nonpareil expertise on:

  1. Google Ads
  2. YouTube Ads
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Instagram Ads
  5. LinkedIn Ads
  6. Twitter Ads
  7. Amazon Affiliate Ads
  8. Outbrain Ads
  9. Taboola Ads
  10. Quora Ads
  11. Pinterest Ads

The platforms we support for Programmatic Buying are as follows,

  1. Display & Video 360
  2. Campaign Manager 360
  3. YouTube
  4. Double Verify
  5. Integral Ad Science
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Creative Studio
  8. Data Studio
  9. Multiple DSPs

For social media marketing (SMM), we deploy the following tools;

  1. Semrush
  2. Google Adwords
  3. FB Ads
  4. Bing Ads
  5. ChatGPT for content generation

So cool! What about your prowess in web development?

Our web development ninjas are equally cool and forthcoming. Here are the “stars” in their bags! 😉

They cater to React, JavaScript, Laravel, other PHP-based frameworks, and midscale applications. Check out their tech stack for catering to your web development needs:

  1. Our own PMS, which was built using Laravel and PHP
  2. No ticket management system is in place currently. We use emails for resolving tickets if any
  3. Bugherd for bug reporting
  4. BrowserStack for UI testing
  5. Our own white-label staging server with a dedicated IP for showcasing our work to prospective clients
  6. HubSpot CMS development
  7. ChatGPT for generating code snippets
  8. Figma for design

Awesome! Walk me through your Email Design capabilities, please!

Our email Power Rangers were equally tech-savvy; here’s a peek into their work den.

Check out their tech stack below!

  1. Photoshop (since we begin email development from scratch, people!)
  2. Other design tools such as Illustrator, Scratch
  3. Figma
  4. EnVision
  5. Adobe Dreamweaver (our web development tool of choice for converting client design files to HTML)
  6. Cater to every ESP (Email Service Provider) 

We cater to all ESPs out there (mentioned on our website). However, if a client comes up with an ESP that we are not familiar with, we will look it up and work our magic on that as well! 🙂

So cool! Now what?

That is a good question and one that we love answering! If you want to get your hands on some awesome white-label digital marketing services, you can understand how the process works as you read our blog here.  

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