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How can Mavlers help address your Pardot needs?

Are you wondering about Mavlers’ expertise in meeting your Pardot requirements? This blog will answer all your concerns!...

As a B2B brand/agency owner, you always seek the right-fit marketing automation platform to help you manage leads, your email campaigns and analytics, and your sales activities. 

In one such endeavor, you might have sampled and zeroed in on the functionalities offered by Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly Pardot. 

As you go about your core business activities, you might have felt the need to outsource your marketing automation needs to an agency that is familiar with the technical aspects of Salesforce’s leading marketing automation platform, none other than Pardot. 

Mavlers has a decade of expertise in building Salesforce journeys and has catered to the marketing automation needs of 2000+ global clients as a Salesforce Consulting Partner. Our repertoire of seasoned Pardot developers brings years of experience, expertise, and sharp technical insight that can help you get many steps closer to a Pardot-powered marketing endeavor.

In today’s blog, you will gain clarity on the value we bring in the following Pardot services:

  • Email template creation
  • Landing page creation
  • List segmentation
  • Pardot automation
  • Dynamic Engagement Studio programs
  • Pardot Connector setup
  • Einstein empowerment

As you read the blog, you will be better equipped to decide whether we fit your Pardot outsourcing needs!

Email template creation

We can help you design and develop email templates from scratch. If it’s a project-based engagement, we can deliver your email template requirements based on the timelines decided (8/12/24 hours) and the costs agreed upon. 

The email templates should be delivered in a few hours if it’s a dedicated engagement association. Of course, the timelines vary depending on the complexity of the project. 

In the dedicated models, we are also responsible for uploading the emails to your Pardot platform and sending them to your subscriber list. 

However, if it’s a project-to-project association, we can upload the templates on your Pardot platform if you choose that service. 

We align our process of email template creation with the industry standard best practices such as:

  • Using images that are 72 dpi and no wider than 600 pixels
  • Including alt text for images
  • Including your physical and/or postal address. CAN-SPAM (US), CASL (Canada), and GDPR (EU) all require your address to be somewhere on the template
  • Providing people with a way to opt out of receiving emails by giving a link to their email preference center, an opt-out link, or both. The email preference center is the preferred option, as readers may see another email list that better fits their interests.
  • Including engaging, relevant calls to action (CTA)
  • Sticking to one font or a maximum of two throughout the email
  • Maintaining the ideal width of emails (600px-800px)
  • If any GIFs are used, we ensure that they are less than 2MB in size
  • We follow the “60/40 rule” text-to-image ratio with 60% text & 40% image
  • We ensure compliance with the ideal height of emails (1500-2500px)

Landing page creation

If you want us to help you with the design and development parts of landing page creation, our design team will begin by creating the wireframes. Once the design is approved, our developers will code it flawlessly. 

So, we usually build landing pages in your Pardot account. The timelines will depend on the complexity of your landing page requirements. Tentatively, you can expect a 24-hour window to create one landing page in Pardot. 

Here’s an insight into the best practices we follow in creating seamless Pardot landing pages for you:

  • We make it a point to use consistent messaging
  • We pay close attention to the wording and location of your call to action
  • We leave sufficient white space on the page
  • Consider using videos/GIFs wherever relevant
  • Keep forms short and easy to complete
  • Take full advantage of the thank-you content. Instead of just saying thank you, we suggest another product or feature to review, ask them to engage with you on social media, or even offer them free bonus content.

List segmentation

We create lists (e.g., lead nurturing lists, birthday lists, etc.)  based on your specific needs and master database. For instance, if you want to create birthday campaign rollouts for your subscribers, we can segment the lists based on the records of their birthdays in the coming weeks or months. 

We ensure that we maintain an awesome folder hierarchy in your Pardot account, so you don’t have to worry about locating the lists! 

Let’s now look into the different types of lists we can build in Pardot.

1. Static Lists: List of prospects that we build once and then edit manually to make changes.

2. Dynamic Lists: Smart Lists that automatically add or remove prospects based on the criteria provided.

For example, a list with criteria: Industry–is—manufacturing will automatically pull prospects who have “Manufacturing” in the industry field on their record into the Dynamic List. If the value changes to, e.g., “Retail,” they will be automatically removed from the list.

3. Recipient Lists: List of prospects who you want to join your program.

4. Suppression Lists: List of prospects who you do not want to be on your program, even if they are on the recipient list(s).

Here are some examples of how we can segment lists for you:

  1. For all prospects in the department “Human Resources” who either have the job title “Director” or who live in the states of California and New York.
  2. Create a suppression list of all your competitors.
  3. Create a dynamic list to find unengaged prospects.
  4. Create a list for Lack of Engagement OR Create a List of those who have Never Been Emailed. This can be used to facilitate list cleaning.

Pardot automation

We set automation rules in Pardot based on specified criteria and Pardot actions. 

1. Automation rules: 

These are the broadest automations. They can be run, paused, resumed, and repeated. In short, you have control. Using the criteria you have set on the rule, Pardot scans the prospect database for prospects that match the criteria and then applies the action/s you have chosen. They are retroactive.


2. Segmentation rules:

While they are similar to automation rules, there is a major difference: they only run once.

Retroactively, they evaluate what’s already happened and don’t continue to evaluate once they’ve completed their run. However, they are useful for:

(i) Heavy-duty data management

(ii) Account efficiency – Please note that multiple rules processing in the background can slow down processing speed

3. Completion actions:

Completion actions fire when a prospect makes an activity on a marketing asset. Marketing assets exist for prospects to interact with, for example: opening an email, submitting a form, downloading a file, etc.

For completion actions on assets that are not hosted on Pardot, such as website pages, links on third-party websites, links contained in social media posts, and digital advertising calls to action, we connect these externally hosted assets with your Pardot data, using completion actions set on two intermediary features:

  • Page actions: A completion action fires when a prospect views a specific page of your website. Example:  Tracking code placed on pricing or product pages that alert your sales team members.
  • Custom redirects: A completion action fires when a prospect clicks on a tracked link.

A custom redirect is a trackable link generated in Pardot (Account Engagement). The main advantage is that Completion Actions can be added so that Pardot takes an automated action when a cookied prospect clicks the link.


Elevate customer experience with dynamic Engagement Studio programs

At Mavlers, we craft personalized customer journeys using Engagement Studio in Pardot. We map out each step of the customer’s interaction with our client’s brand, from initial contact to conversion and beyond.

 Leveraging Engagement Studio’s powerful automation features, we tailor communications and content to each individual’s preferences and behaviors, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience throughout their journey.

Engagement Studio example:

In addition to creating personalized journeys, we excel in developing and managing Drip and always-on campaigns, such as Welcome and Birthday series, to maintain consistent engagement and nurture lasting relationships with your audience.

Pardot connector setup

At Mavlers, we specialize in setting up pre-built connectors to seamlessly link your Pardot account with social media platforms and synchronize your UTM parameters from Pardot with Salesforce CRM.

Our comprehensive connector setup services ensure smooth data flow and enhanced synchronization, enabling you to leverage the full potential of your marketing efforts across multiple platforms.

Einstein empowerment: unleashing AI magic with Pardot

At Mavlers, we understand the pivotal role that Pardot's Einstein features play in

transforming marketing strategies. Our specialized services are crafted to harness the full

potential of these AI-powered tools, helping businesses like yours achieve unparalleled

success in their marketing endeavors.

. Einstein Lead Scoring: 

Score your leads by how well they fit your company’s successful conversion patterns. Let your sales team prioritize their leads by lead score. By leveraging historical data, behavioral insights, and predictive analytics, we ensure that your team focuses on high-conversion leads, optimizing resources, and maximizing ROI.

. Einstein Campaign Insights:

Trends in prospect demographics and marketing asset engagement. From campaign performance analysis to ROI projections, we empower you with the insights needed to refine strategies and achieve impactful results.

. Einstein Attribution: 

It leaves rules-based influence models in the rearview mirror. Attribution modeling can be complex, but with Mavlers, it becomes a strategic advantage. We leverage Einstein Attribution to accurately attribute conversions, identify top-performing channels, and optimize marketing spend for maximum impact and ROI.

. Einstein Behaviour Scoring: 

Uncover the most influential behavior signals across past and current prospect engagement. Mavlers leverages Einstein’s Behaviour Scoring to identify buying signals, personalize interactions, and nurture meaningful relationships, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

The road ahead

Now that you know Mavler’s expertise in catering to your Pardot needs, you might like to peruse our tech stack and capabilities in other digital marketing activities

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Mohit Kumar Sewani - Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Mohit Kumar Sewani, with 4.5 electrifying years under his belt in Salesforce and Email Marketing, isn't just another tech-savvy professional; he's the maestro behind digital symphonies that convert clicks into clients and data into dollars. A true Salesforce aficionado, Mohit turns 'leads' into 'loyalists' and 'email campaigns' into 'engagement epics.' With his innovative flair and problem-solving skills, he's the go-to guru for all your Salesforce and Email Marketing needs.

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