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Mavlers Post-Delivery Support Overview

What Does The Post-Delivery Support At Mavlers Look Like?

Are you worried about the after-sales/project delivery support at Mavlers? This article will answer all your related concerns! ...

So, you have done your mystery shopping and are probably this close to signing the deal with Mavlers for outsourcing your digital marketing needs. But a sliver of doubt remains, like the one obstacle (after-sales/post-contract support) you still need to gain clarity on before signing across the dotted line and officially partnering with Mavlers.

Don’t worry; had we been in your shoes (figuratively), we would be looking for some honest answers to similar questions that might look like:

Do you offer post-delivery/after-sales/post-project completion support for every digital marketing service?

How quick is the turnaround time on the fixed deliverables?

How can I communicate with the team for any queries or complaints?

Is there any expiry date for the post-delivery support?

If you have similar questions, that’s great because we have been asked similar ones before! In this blog, we hope to be able to answer them with as much clarity and honesty as possible. 

Here’s an overview of the topics that today’s blog sees to cover:

  • Can I expect decent post-delivery support at Mavlers?
  • What is the turnaround time (TAT) for the fixed deliverables in every digital marketing service at Mavlers?
  • Is it a paid service, or is it free of cost?
  • How important is communication in the process of getting my concerns resolved, and what are the channels or modes of communication that clients can resort to?
  • Is there any expiry date beyond which I cannot seek redressal?

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Can I expect decent post-delivery support at Mavlers?

So, as you might have figured by now, we don’t believe in beating around the bush and delivering superficial, half-baked information. We interview our sales team executives, account managers, and subject matter experts before we publish any blog.

This one is no different. Our sales team lead was kind enough to answer all our post-delivery support questions, and this is what he had to say when asked about the veracity and quality of the kind of after-sales experience our clients can expect.

“I’d like to begin by reiterating that yes, we provide post-delivery support, and the words you see on our website are not just empty promises. We stand by our word and are very accommodating of client requests. It’s not a marketing tactic to get people to return to us but a genuine desire to add value to every project we deliver. If it’s minor work in any digital marketing service, we do it free of cost. Also, just because it’s free of cost doesn’t mean that we will take our own sweet time to revert. We offer prompt responses and quick action to every client request raised.” 

On that note, ladies and gentlemen, let’s hit play on what’s to unfold!

What is the turnaround time for the corrected deliverables in every digital marketing service at Mavlers?

The next logical question that may arise in your mind might be regarding the timelines we follow when it comes to post-delivery support. 

This is what our expert, Baspin Thomas had to share with us, 

“When it comes to email services, the turnaround time is pretty fast, usually even less than a day, within two-three hours of the request being raised by the client. However, if the magnitude of the work or changes involved demands more time, we inform our clients via email, highlighting the timelines by which they can expect to receive the modified or reworked files.

Though 90% of the communication with the client is via email, in cases requiring quick or urgent resolution, we also welcome requests through chat or Skype calls.”

Awesome. You might be wondering about the turnaround time (TATs) in the other digital marketing niche. Check out his insights on the other services and communication modes as well!

“For website development and SEO concerns, clients usually reach out to us via email. Clients who have been with us for quite some time find our chat function super useful when they have urgent requirements to be met, even if they might be on a semi-first-name basis with their respective AMs or SMEs. Picking up the phone to dial our numbers also happens, albeit rarely, because email and chat options are the preferred modes of client communication.

So whenever you place a Skype call on the number mentioned on our website, our chat team members will happily cater to your concerns and schedule interaction with your Account Manager (AM) or Subject Matter Expert (SME) as requested. 

Regarding SEO, SEM, and PPC services, a couple of challenges extend the TAT compared to our email services. The TAT for such services can range from 24 to 48 hours since the client registers a post–delivery resolution request. The primary reason is that our technical experts usually get off their shifts by 1:00-2:00 AM IST, which might not cover the whole US shift and extend up to 4:00-5:00 AM IST. The second reason is that the changes in web development, search, and SEO services might require more time to work on and deliver. So even after 1:00 AM IST, our project coordinators from the web development team will be at their desks ready to acknowledge your queries and concerns even though the actual work might spill over to the next day when our technical ninjas get back on their virtual tables!

So, irrespective of the service you opt for, we are committed to offering post-delivery support and solutions as quickly as possible.”

Is post-delivery concern resolution a paid service, or is it free of cost?

This one might be the deal breaker for many, and here is an honest response on the same by our expert.

“Content can be a very subjective experience, and it might make sense to charge the client after a certain amount of edits. However, the edits can be of two kinds for services like email and web development. One could be requests arising from any coding or design errors. Now, such requests will surely be catered to free of cost and resolved as soon as possible, even if you come to us six months after we turn in the deliverables. So there is no expiry date, so to say, for post-delivery requests of such nature. 

The second kind of editing could be when the client comes up with different requirements, edits, or changes during or after the project (basically, instructions not outlined in the initial Scope of Work (SOW). In such cases, if the edits are minor and do not require intensive man-hours, we offer to cater to them free of charge. However, if the required edits are more labor-intensive, we inform the client about the expected costs and the estimated TAT. 

While there is no exact definition of what might qualify as a major edit, the deciding factors usually boil down to the amount of time needed and the complexity of the edits needed to be made.”

He offered an example to explain the above concept in further detail.

“We hand over email templates to clients so they can use them in their respective Email Service Providers (ESPs) and make requisite content changes. For them to do that, we code the templates in two different ways. So the client can either opt for a basic customizable template where they can play around with the images, text, design, and other elements, or they can choose to go with a slightly more advanced version – a modular template wherein they can add or remove modules in addition to making changes in the template images and design. 

So, in certain cases, the client might initially opt for the basic version only to discover later on that they’d like to upgrade to the advanced email template option. In such instances, we cater to these requests at an added cost of USD 20- USD 40. 

Another common example is when a client might request design changes in the delivered email template. The same logic applies to such requests as well. The cost or the lack of it will depend on the quantum of edits required.”

How important is communication in the process of getting my concerns resolved, and what are the channels or modes of communication that clients can resort to?

Good and efficient communication is often the basis of a solid client-agency relationship, and we offer multiple modes of communication to ensure a hassle-free post-delivery user experience. 

You can communicate with us via email, chat, or even by placing a call at the number mentioned on the website. We will be equally happy to help, irrespective of the voice of communication you prefer. 

PS: Our chat ninjas are known to reply within twenty to thirty seconds of your first message! 😉

In addition to the varied communication channels, the organization has multiple layers to whom you might consider reaching out. 

Suppose you have the email ID of the tech person you might be working with, and they are not available exactly when you need their assistance. You can always contact your AM, who will gladly register and address your concerns. 

The Road Ahead

Even though we don’t encourage giving out the personal digits of our team members, you can always reach out to us via email, chat, or the website numbers. Also, there is no “expiry date” before which you must raise your concerns post-delivery, if any! Feel free to ping us as and when you need to, or even if it is just to say a friendly hi! 🙂

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Baspin Thomas - Subject Matter Expert (SME)

An expert Account Manager with Mavlers, he is dedicated to assisting clients across genres with their digital marketing and offshoring needs. A football enthusiast at heart, he is as nimble with his professional expertise as he is with nailing that last-minute goal!

Naina Sandhir - Content Writer

A content writer at Mavlers, Naina pens quirky, inimitable, and damn relatable content after an in-depth and critical dissection of the topic in question. When not hiking across the Himalayas, she can be found buried in a book with spectacles dangling off her nose!

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