Short Pay Brand Promise Terms and Conditions

The Short Pay brand promise ("The Promise") is offered by Mavlers to provide clients with the option to pay an amount that reflects their level of satisfaction with the services availed. These terms and conditions outline the guidelines and procedures for utilizing ‘The Promise’.


The Promise applies to all clients who have entered into a service agreement with Mavlers for any of the services offered.

Conditions for Short Pay

  • Clients may choose to exercise the Short Pay option if they are dissatisfied with the quality or results of the services provided by Mavlers.
  • To initiate a Short Pay request, clients must provide a detailed explanation of their dissatisfaction and specify the amount they wish to pay. This request must be submitted within 30 days of the service delivery via email to or by filling out the Short Pay Request Form.

Evaluation and Resolution

  • Upon receiving a Short Pay request, Mavlers will review the client’s feedback and the reasons for dissatisfaction.
  • The client’s proposed reduced payment will be accepted or they can directly pay the reduced invoice.

Short Pay Amount Calculation

The Short Pay amount will be determined at the discretion of the client and may be 100% of the total invoice amount. The client’s proposed Short Pay amount should reasonably align with their level of dissatisfaction and their perceived value of the services provided.

  • For Project-to-Project (P2P), the client has the flexibility to decide the Short Pay amount, which could range from 10% to 100% of the total invoice for their last or current project with us.
  • For recurring or dedicated services, the Short Pay amount will be based on the last or current monthly invoice. Additionally, any advance payment made will be reimbursed accordingly.

Client Communication

  • The client agrees to promptly communicate any concerns or issues related to the services provided, giving Mavlers an opportunity to address them before resorting to Short Pay.
  • Clients are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to help improve the quality of future services.

Payment Terms

  • In the event of a Short Pay request, the client agrees to make the reduced payment promptly, as specified in the request.
  • Mavlers will consider the Short Pay payment as the final payment for the services rendered.

Impact on Future Engagements

  • Utilizing the Short Pay option will not affect a client’s eligibility for future engagements with Mavlers.
  • Mavlers is committed to continuously improving its services based on client feedback, including Short Pay instances.

Dispute Resolution

  • In case of any disputes related to the Short Pay request or its outcome, both parties agree to engage in good faith negotiations to resolve the issue.
  • If a resolution cannot be reached through negotiation, the matter may be subject to arbitration or legal proceedings as per the terms of the original service agreement.

Modification of Terms

  • Mavlers reserves the right to modify or amend these Short Pay terms and conditions with prior notice to clients.

By choosing to work with Mavlers, clients acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of these Short Pay brand promise terms and conditions. Mavlers is committed to providing high-quality services and values client satisfaction as a top priority.

Short Pay Request Form