Outsourcing Digital Marketing: A Guide for Agencies

In a crowded business landscape, digital marketing can help you differentiate your client’s brand from the competition. However, as a marketing agency, you may need to first scythe through issues like limited budget, ever-increasing competition, resource scarcity, rapid technological shifts, etc. The way out? Outsourcing! In this eBook, we guide you through the nitty-gritty of outsourcing your digital marketing ventures.


The Role of Email Automation in Lead Nurturing

The success of your business depends on the journey a potential customer takes from the point of their first becoming aware of your products / services to that of making a purchase. As an email marketer, you want to deliver milestone-specific experiences to a lead. In our eBook, we delineate the end-to-end process of initiating automation workflows in your lead nurturing campaigns, so you can convert more leads into paying customers.


Exploring the realms of CRM: An Expert Roundup

From the very first interaction with a customer to post-closure communication, customer relationship management or CRM is the lifeblood of a business. Every aspect of customer experience can either make or break your brand. In this eBook, we highlight eight distinguished CRM experts, each offering unique perspectives. They share practical insights and tips for navigating the delicate dynamics of customer relationships.


Journey builder best practices by SFMC experts

The SFMC Journey Builder is a powerful tool that gives businesses insight into customer interactions across various marketing channels. This enables users to better understand their customers, leading to more meaningful interactions with them. This eBook engages 11 SFMC Journey Builder pros to find out what they think are the best practices Salesforce admins must follow in order to leverage Journey Builder to the hilt.