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Mavlers Email Marketing Strategies for Brands & Agencies

Does Mavlers Craft Email Marketing Strategies for Brands/Agencies?

Are you looking to seek help from Mavlers on the email strategy front? This blog will walk you through why we don’t offer email marketing strategies...

So, you are a brand/agency looking for help with a stellar email marketing strategy. One that reels in the subscriptions, downloads, leads, and conversions. 

You seek a marketing strategist who would mirror your goals and reflect your brand’s essence in every email you send to your valuable subscriber base or clientele. 

You might be searching for the perfect digital marketing/email marketing agency or third party. One that can not only help you craft a comprehensive email marketing strategy but also help you execute your brand’s email strategy. On that note, you might be considering checking in with Mavlers to see if we can be of service on both accounts. 

We at Mavlers hold 12+ years of experience executing stellar email marketing campaigns with 99% accuracy for 600+ agencies globally. However, we do not offer initial email marketing strategizing for our existing clientele or prospective customers.

In this blog, we will walk you through:

  • Do we provide email marketing strategy help? If not, then what kind of support can you expect from Mavlers on the strategy front?
  • Why should you keep email strategy in-house for your brand/agency?

Our New Business Development team experts, Jiggyasa Agrawal and Baspin Thomas were kind enough to walk us through this blog topic so you can be assured of the authenticity of our claims.

Towards the end of this piece, you will gain clarity on why you should rely on your in-house team to craft your brand’s email marketing strategy and consider outsourcing the execution part of it to the right fit agency/freelancer. 

Do we provide email marketing strategy help? If not, then what kind of support can you expect from Mavlers on the strategy front?

So, to call a spade a spade, we do not offer help crafting or creating an email marketing campaign strategy from scratch for any existing customer or prospective client.

However, other than our email execution capabilities, such as building email templates, managing email campaigns, and setting up email automation, we offer our insights/support in the following ways:

  1. Email program audit: 

We can run an expert email program audit on your existing/running campaigns and deliver a detailed report on your QA (Quality Assurance) process of existing campaign planning, compare them with industry best practices, and then suggest improvements. This can help you achieve better ROIs. 

Priced at $849 USD, the report will also include short-term and long-term recommendations that can help grow your overall email program and your digital marketing efforts. 

We conduct a detailed analysis of the following aspects of your campaign to help you achieve your KPIs and marketing goals.

  • Email list
  • Segmentation criteria 
  • Subject lines and preheader text 
  • Email copy and links 
  • Design- alt text, accessibility, placement of CTA, and other elements 
  • Responsiveness, compatibility, and fallback
  • ESP integration 
  • Send time 
  • Email Deliverability 
  • Metrics
  • Profiling of your contacts/leads and even your analytics account

You may peruse the sample audit report here

2. Ongoing strategy support during campaign execution: 

So, when you sign up for our dedicated email services with an initial strategy in place, we offer our insights and expertise (free of cost) based on current industry trends, company goals, campaign management goals, and KPIs. Once you approve of them, we implement those suggestions.  

You are now clear on the fact that we don’t provide initial strategy support. However, we do offer our recommendations during the campaign execution as well as a detailed existing campaign audit report. 

Let’s take a look at why you should keep the email strategy in-house. 

Why should you keep email strategy in-house for your brand/agency?

We suggest clients and prospects keep email strategy in-house for several reasons. Some of these are:

  1. A better understanding of business goals, vision, mission, and brand tonalities:

Truth be told, no one is a better judge of your journey than you or your in-house team. You know exactly what you want regarding your business goals, KPIs, and the impact you want to create or the value you want to generate five or ten years from now. 

You might want to differ by saying that you can always communicate these aspects to a third party, but the question is, why would you want to risk losing the message in translation?!

2. A deeper, more nuanced understanding of your products, services, and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

No third party will be able to understand the look and feel of your product/service offerings as well as your in-house team, who spend their working hours around or experimenting with these offerings. 

Another reason why you should keep content and strategy in-house is that an agency/third party won’t be privy to the key benefits, focus, future, and brand journey, which might reflect negatively in your marketing campaigns, be it any channel email, social media or even paid advertising. It is best to strategize in-house with those who are familiar with your product/service, target audience demographics, and brand messaging. 

The Road Ahead

You are now acquainted with the fact that though we don’t offer to chalk up your email marketing strategy, we are always happy to help you with insights and expert recommendations in ongoing email campaign execution-based projects along with email campaign audits. 

If you are confused about the digital marketing services that you can outsource and those that are best kept in-house, we have a comprehensive guide for that, too!

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Baspin Thomas

An expert Account Manager with Mavlers, he is dedicated to assisting clients across genres with their digital marketing and offshoring needs. A football enthusiast at heart, he is as nimble with his professional expertise as he is with nailing that last-minute goal!

Naina Sandhir

A content writer at Mavlers, Naina pens quirky, inimitable, and damn relatable content after an in-depth and critical dissection of the topic in question. When not hiking across the Himalayas, she can be found buried in a book with spectacles dangling off her nose!

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