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Mavlers Project Onboarding Steps

Step-by-step onboarding process for a project-based engagement at Mavlers

Concerned about the steps involved in onboarding when partnering with Mavlers for a project? This blog shows what onboarding with Mavlers looks like! ...

You have researched and chosen Mavlers as your offshoring digital marketing partner. You have reviewed reviews, case studies, and testimonials and have signed on the dotted line. Now, you are curious to know more about what happens after signing the deal and right before the project execution begins, also known as the onboarding phase. 

We at Mavlers have successfully helped agencies and brands achieve their specific digital marketing needs over the past twelve-plus years and understand the offshoring concerns of business owners like you quite well! 

Today in the house, we have Jiggyasa Agrawal, our Senior Account Manager, who will guide you through the details of the onboarding process and what to expect for short-term projects or ad-hoc projects with Mavlers.

  • Step 1 ~ Pre-discovery problem statement gathering
  • Step 2 ~ Initial consultation and discovery
  • Step 3 ~ Project planning and proposal
  • Step 4 ~ Kickoff meeting and team allocation

By the end of this blog, you will have greater clarity on what to expect in your onboarding journey with Mavlers for a project-based association.

Let’s dive deep, shall we?!


Step 1 ~ Pre-discovery problem statement gathering

So when you fill out a form on our website or contact us with certain requirements in mind, we send you an email with relevant Loom videos regarding your project query. 

This introductory step aims to help you educate yourself about the business and its service offerings and help us gain insight into your problem statement or pain points.  

Both parties can vet each other for being the right fit at this preliminary stage. 

Step 2 ~ Initial consultation and discovery

We (our sales representatives) connect with you on Google Meet or a platform of your choice to better understand your requirements, goals, and expectations.

From the problem statement acquired in the pre-discovery stage, we outline the following;

  • The challenges that you seek to resolve through our expertise
  • Your marketing goals
  • Business objectives

Once we understand the above-mentioned objectives, we propose an agenda highlighting our expertise and how we can deploy it to alleviate your pain points. 

After the discovery call, we will send you a questionnaire to help us understand your vision and requirements. 

For instance, if you have a customer journey/ UX mapping project requirement, we will ask you the following questions:

  • What are the pain points on the current journey you want us to examine? A website always has multiple journeys based on features, product selling, or service selling factors.
  • Do you have a heat map generation tool and analytical data to understand the customer journey?
  • Have you run a campaign to understand the current customer points of friction? Is there any feedback available to evaluate immediate issues?
  • Who are your ideal customers? (Demographics and user personas).
  • What are the lead’s business goals for their website that you want to achieve through the audit? Are you trying to increase sales, generate leads, or improve customer satisfaction?
  • What are the different user journeys on How do users find the information they need? How do they purchase products or services?
  • What data do you have about user behavior on This could include things like bounce rates, conversion rates, and average time on the page.
  • How usable is the website from your perspective? Do the pages load quickly? Are the navigation menus clear and easy to use? Are the forms easy to fill out?
  • What are the most important features that users need?

By the end of this step, we gain up to 40% clarity on the tentative scope of work (SOW) and client goals.

Step 3 ~ Project planning and proposal

Let’s explain this step with an example. Suppose you have a web redesigning requirement wherein you’d like to rework your website to match a competitor’s website. 

You convey your requirements to our team in the above steps, and then a subject matter expert, developer, and designer will compare your current website with the reference website.

After conducting the necessary research and development (R & D), we create a structure highlighting the tasks required for your website’s UI, UX, and design to match the competitor’s. 

In the above instance, the technical resources (subject matter expert, designer, and developer) and sales reps compile a proposal highlighting the tasks involved in reaching your goal, estimated costs, and timelines and send it to you for perusal. 

We look forward to your comments on the submitted proposal for any alterations or mismatches so we can account for them and rework the proposal accordingly. 

After you approve the proposal, we will send the final scope of work (SOW) and Master Service Agreement (MSA). If you are an existing client, we send the SOW; for new clients, we send both the SOW and the MSA. 

Step 4 ~ Kickoff meeting and team allocation

Once the SOW and the MSAs are in place, we arrange for a kickoff call with you wherein we:

  • Highlight the next steps
  • Set up team alignment
  • Set milestones
  • Clarify any client concerns
  • Align expectations
  • Introduce your Account Manager (apart from SME), who will be entirely responsible for the seamless execution of the project

We then allocate resources and assemble the project team based on the project’s specific requirements, resource expertise, availability, and experience. 

The sales team then transfers the project in its entirety to your dedicated account manager (AM). 

The road ahead

Now that you are familiar with the onboarding process for P2P associations with Mavlers, you might want to understand how Mavlers avoid misaligned expectations during projects

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Jiggyasa Agrawal - Subject Matter Expert (SME)

With a rich experience of 8+ years as a B2B sales expert, she ropes in those huge ROIs through digital marketing effortlessly! Forever in the Zen mindset, this bibliophile lives by the motto “Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn.”

Naina Sandhir - Content Writer

A content writer at Mavlers, Naina pens quirky, inimitable, and damn relatable content after an in-depth and critical dissection of the topic in question. When not hiking across the Himalayas, she can be found buried in a book with spectacles dangling off her nose!

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