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Mavlers Engagement Models

How Can I Engage With Mavlers? An Overview of The Engagement Models

Are you confused about the engagement models and payment methods at Mavlers? Read on to gain clarity!...

Now that you have zeroed down on Mavlers as your preferred partner for achieving your brand/agency goals, there must be a pool of questions waiting to be answered. Questions such as, 

“How do I get started with Mavlers?”, 

“What are the different engagement models to choose from?” 

“How do I go about making payments for the services rendered?” 

“Which engagement model will be the best fit for me?” 

“Which payment model should I go for?” and many more. 

In the past twelve-plus years, we have successfully helped 200+ agencies and 100+ Fortune 500 brands achieve their specific digital marketing needs, and we intend to do the same for you!

We attempt to answer most of your questions, as mentioned above, to the best of our ability. In the blog that follows, you will find clear, honest, and unbiased answers to,

  • What are the engagement models that I can choose from if I partner up with Mavlers?/ Which one may or may not suit my unique needs?
  • Which are the different payment models on offer? 
  • Will Mavlers take responsibility for the outcome or results delivered?

Now that we are clear on what information you stand to gain from this piece of content let’s get going! 🙂

Awesome! So, tell me about the engagement models that I may choose from.

We at Mavlers understand your world and know that a one-size-fits-all approach never worked and never will! Our models are tailor-made to suit the unique needs of every agency/brand that may accede to work with us. In the engagement models we have curated, you might find the best fit for you and choose to proceed accordingly. 


Also, before we proceed, it is of high pertinence to let you know that in whichever way you choose to engage with us, the responsibility of the entire project, end goal, and deliverables lies wholly and solely on the shoulders of team Mavlers so that you can heave a sigh of relief! 

1. One-off projects

What does it entail? 

If you are looking to outsource short-term consulting work for a client or need to get a large volume of work done in a short period of time in any segment of digital marketing, such as website designing needs, GA4 audit, and implementation, etc., then this is the model to go for!

Who is it a good fit for?

We understand that agencies sometimes get clients with varying needs, and you don’t know whether they intend to work with you for a period of eight hours to a couple of months. So, if you are very clear about a particular ad-hoc task/ on-demand support team for your end client, this model will be a good fit for you.

Who is it, not the best fit for?

However, if you know beforehand that you will have repeated website maintenance needs, for instance, for the same client or set of clients, then this model is probably not the best fit for your agency.

How do we get things done?

Also, when brands approach us with a certain end goal in sight in a specific digital marketing vertical, we get on a consultation call with them, outline the Scope of Work (SOW) to achieve those KPIs and goals, and then share a quotation on the cost to deliver the same. 

2. Retainer engagement 

What does it entail? 

In the recurring model, you can expect consistent monthly results with minimum hassle and full ownership of the outcome from our side.

Who qualifies as a good fit for this model?

If you have a retainer client or set of clients you know will have similar digital marketing projects or needs to be met over a longer period (20 to 80 hours per month for three months or more), then the recurring model is best for you. So, if you have a client with a consistent baseline amount of work, the retainer model can help you affordably achieve all your needs.

What are the benefits of this model?

  • You don’t need to raise requests repeatedly, as the nature of the work will be ongoing; with this model, we ensure ease of working.
  •  Also, as we are aware of your monthly requirement, we reserve that bandwidth for you every month.
  •  Moreover, with a recurring long-term engagement, a client is sure to gain an advantage based on the length and breadth of the requirement. 

Though no dedicated resource is allocated to the brand/agency, it can be discussed on a consultation call between the client and the sales team. 

3. Dedicated teams

What does it entail? 

When you hire a team with Mavlers, every agency/brand is allocated a subject matter expert (with experience of a decade or more) along with dedicated resource/s to help your firm achieve mutually decided KPIs or marketing goals.  The subject matter expert is well equipped to support any change in the marketing strategy as well as any challenges that require a novel approach. 

Even if you need a dedicated resource for seasonal requirements during the holiday season, that can also be accommodated. In that case, you pay based on hours invested by the resource in accomplishing the tasks at hand and not on a project basis. 

If you are wondering about the range of resources allocated to a brand/client, we have gone up to dedicating a team of 20-plus resources for one client as well as one dedicated resource on a part-time basis for another. The resource allocation is subject to the client/brand needs. 

If you plan on extending your in-house team with a single expert resource or even a team of professionals in your chosen niche of services, then the dedicated model is the best fit for your needs. 

Who qualifies as a good fit for this model?

To be a good fit for the dedicated model,

The volume of work should be of a similar nature (that is, digital marketing tasks requiring similar skills to accomplish them satisfactorily) and extend for at least 6 to 12 months, amounting to a minimum of eighty hours of tasks per month.  

Let’s take the example of client A, who wants email marketing campaign management services on a yearly basis, has a set brand tone, and also has a good volume of work, which might vary through the year but falls within the range of 80-160 hours per month. This particular client might request a dedicated resource to work on a full-time basis to meet their unique needs, and we will provide the same. 

However, if the same client also has a similar volume of work for website designing services that requires a different skill set, we might put together a bespoke team of dedicated resources with specific skill sets to work on the varied requirements of such a client.

If you have a fixed client, such as Disney or National Geographic, or are even a brand, such as Forbes, and have similar requirements in a set brand tone for a long period, then we suggest you sign up for the dedicated resource model. 

What are the benefits of this model?

The benefits of this model are varied. 

  • Firstly, after an initial knowledge transfer, there isn’t much involvement required from your end once the resource is familiar with the brand’s or client’s specific needs. 
  • Secondly, suppose you wish to amp up the productivity of your existing in-house team without affecting profit margins and ensuring that the challenges faced while transacting with your current vendors are met. In that case, our dedicated team will probably save you a lot of bucks and deliver quality results. 
  • Thirdly, if you have a single client (wherein you might choose to go with a mix of project and dedicated models or choose either of the two) or are a brand with set needs and tone, this model should fit you like a glove!
benefits of this model

With the above information on the different engagement models on offer with Mavlers, we hope to have answered your questions honestly and satisfactorily. Now, let’s delve into the various pricing models that you can choose to avail of.

Getting Familiar with the Payment Models at Mavlers

Ah! The main question must be answered: what are the different payment options on offer? Are they flexible enough?

Without any further ado, let’s sort that out, amazing people!

1. Project-based payment

A simple, clean, true-to-the-name payment method wherein you pay rates as per the mutually decided SOW. So, if you are looking for a set number of digital marketing services, this payment model will suit you best. 

We prefer to take advance payments with fifty percent of the quoted amount to be credited before we embark upon the journey, the next twenty-five percent to be realized upon achieving the first milestone, and the remainder to be credited post-accomplishment of the final milestone. 

If you have a thirty-day payment policy in place, for instance, we can accommodate that as well. We send a paperless invoice on the first of the month, which can be credited after the decided-upon period of thirty days. 

Many prospects also have queries about the modes of payment on offer. Well, you can choose to pay your dues either through a debit/credit card or PayPal. However, if none of these options suit you, you can also choose to credit funds through bank transfer if you are located in the USA, India, or Australia. 

2. Fixed payment for dedicated resource/ team

It is more of a monthly retainer approach wherein you pay for the resource or team you hire with us. This will be based on the time invested by the resource (part-time resource or full-time resource) and will be a half-monthly or full-monthly payment model (as decided during kickoff). 

When you hire a dedicated resource or team, you don’t need to worry about resource under-utilization, as we keep you informed about the number of hours invested in accomplishing a particular task or turning in deliverables so that you can allocate more work accordingly and ensure optimal utilization of your funds which are preferably credited in advance. 

3. Wallet payment

If you seek seamless execution of your projects without worrying about consistently clearing invoices, this is the best and most flexible way to pay. All you have to do is load up your wallet in the beginning. In fact, our clients with a long payment approval cycle prefer to load their wallets with a fixed amount at the beginning of the association itself so that asset creation is not hindered. 

The wallet model can be opted for by every and any brand/agency that signs up for P2P services in email, web development, and design. This payment model is not applicable for redemption on dedicated and recurrent invoices

Another cool fact? You get varied discounts (5-20%) over pre-paid amounts (check out the illustration below) when you sign up to pay through the wallet model. Yep, we kid you not!

Helping you choose better

To sew the piece together into an easy-to-wrap-around quilt of sorts, one may say that the above knowledge on the different engagement and payment models at Mavlers can empower you to make the choice that best suits your needs. However, our sales team can also steer you/your team in the right direction if we feel that a different model can help you achieve your goals more sustainably and save you some cash as well. Let’s look into a client study wherein we helped zero in on the best engagement model for their unique needs. 

So, usually, agencies approach us with set goals in mind and enquire about the number of hours required to accomplish the same. Let’s take a look at one such agency that wanted to level up its SEM game. Now, GA4 is a subset of the same, and they came up with a list of two tasks that they felt would be prerequisites for achieving the same. We got in touch with our subject matter experts and drew up a list of three tasks (including two specific event properties of GA4) whilst explaining the need for the third task to the client. They agreed, and we mutually decided that the P2P (Project-based) model would suit their needs best. We gave them an estimate of the number of hours required to deliver the same, multiplied the figure by the designated service amount, and gave them a ballpark estimate, to which they readily agreed. 

To sum up, we understand the unique needs of each client/brand and steer them towards an engagement model that would best serve their purpose at minimum cost and quick TAT. 

The Road Ahead

On that note, we look forward to serving you the best-in-class deliverables in the digital marketing niche with minimal hassles at affordable costs. If you have a marketing team in place and would like to explore your options with us, please feel free to contact us

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