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Offshore Collaboration Guide for Agencies

What Makes Mavlers A Good Choice For Outsourcing My Agency’s Digital Marketing Needs?

Wondering why Mavlers could be the difference between your KPIs getting realized and falling slightly behind? Here’s all the tea you need!...

No two fingerprints are the same. Similarly, the digital marketing needs of two different agencies cannot be the same. They might bear superficial semblance, but each has its own strings to maneuver to get the expected results. We understand the need to delve deeper into each agency’s unique needs. Therefore, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all model to agencies looking to outsource their requirements. 

You might have been struggling with questions like the ones below before you finally decided to sign across the dotted line, 

“What makes Mavlers a good choice for outsourcing my agency’s digital marketing needs?”

“What does my agency stand to gain from a partnership with Mavlers?”

In today’s blog, you will find answers to the above questions. You will also learn why Mavlers’ different engagement models might fit the bill and help you achieve unprecedented growth. We have a well-rounded team with over twelve years of experience that looks into the pain points of every agency that partners with us. With our commitment and concerted efforts, they achieved their business goals and the expected ROI.

Why Choose Mavlers?

We have spoken and successfully worked with over 600 agencies. We ensure that our technical teams are well-versed in the needs and requirements that may arise with each business or agency.  

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of how Mavlers might be the best fit for your business’s digital marketing needs. 

1. Documented expertise in multiple arenas

We abhor tardiness and shun anything that falls short of premium, and this helps us meet your requirements to the industry’s best levels. Our resources stay abreast with the ever-evolving trends and technologies. A little about the feathers in our hat? We are Google, WordPress VIP, Braze, Adobe Solutions, and Mailchimp Pro partners!

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of staying on top of the game in every niche.

2. White label services

Whether you are a micro or mid-level marketing agency, you need white-label solutions. We excel in providing white-label solutions in various digital marketing genres that you can rebrand as your own. This guarantees better pricing and greater profit margins. It also results in faster turnaround time and more leads for your business!

3. Flexibility in processes

We adopt an agile approach to realize your business goals and KPIs. We are flexible towards the current PMS tools, timesheets, etc, being used in-house by your team. This allows for a seamless process to unfold, with KPIs getting realized without any major hiccups. 

4. An agency champion as your POC

We allocate a dedicated POC (4+ years of experience) for every client. This person, also known as an Agency Champion, will maintain consistent communication with your agency. They will be your single point of contact throughout the agency’s interaction with Mavlers, from start to finish. The POC understands your unique requirements due to their extensive agency client experience, and they deliver on the promises made, ensuring that your KPIs are met.

5. A specially tailored team that caters especially to agencies

Every agency and the requirements or services they seek to offshore are different. We have engineered a dedicated team that consistently delivers results focusing on agency requirements. With a repertoire of experience, this dedicated team is well-equipped to solve all your digital marketing pain points.

6. Tailored payment models

We firmly believe that payment should be easy and not a headache-inducing task!

So, while you can always pay as you go for your one-time projects, we offer a special payment model – the wallet model. 

With the supremely popular wallet model, you can load up your account with dough and enjoy nonpareil services without worrying about paying for every new service you select. In case the balance runs low, you can always request a refill! Want to know more about our engagement and payment models? Read all about it here.

7. Transparent and affordable pricing for agencies

Many agencies often wonder how we offer premia services at such affordable rates. The answer is simple: the high volume of work agencies have given us over the years allows us to offer special prices. 

8. An array of engagement models to choose from

We have a selection of engagement models for our valued clientele so that they can choose what’s best for them. We understand that every agency has varying needs during different times of the year; some may require expert help on one-off projects, some may require a dedicated team to look into their Holiday season campaigns, for instance, while others may have recurrent project needs. We have different models to cater to all kinds of requirements. Here’s a quick insight into the three of them. 

  • Project-based: If you have a short-term, project-based requirement, such as website development, UI/UX design, audit, or link-building, to name a few, we can help you achieve your goals and KPIs with our expertise and dedicated attention to your project. 
  • Recurring projects: If you have multiple or monthly projects/requirements, we can also help you with them. We will take ownership of your end goals KPIs, achieve them through our expertise, and consistently deliver the results we decided upon in the beginning. 
  • Dedicated managed resources: Many agencies seek to amp up their in-house teams. We can help you hire expert resources (either single or multiple) or even a dedicated full-fledged team to meet your bespoke requirements. As in the above models, the results are our responsibility. 

9. Experience with supporting agencies

We have cultivated a deeper understanding of the problems that agencies face. With an experience of 600+ agencies over the past decade, we can identify any potential problems and help you overcome them before they rear their head. 

10. Opportunity to scale as per need

We understand that you’d like to test the waters before you take the plunge. In order to enable that, you have the opportunity to start with a single resource and scale up once you are confident about the partnership. Also, you might want to scale up when the workload increases during the holiday season and wish to scale down during the leaner periods; with Mavlers, you have the flexibility to do that, meaning there are no long-term binding contracts or commitments. 

Not just that, you also get unmatched flexibility to upscale or downscale your resource needs across the repertoire of services on offer. 

11. Short pay option

Trust is important, and we respect that, as well as your autonomy to judge the quality of work you receive after partnering with us. To establish our confidence in the expertise that we offer, we have brought forth a revelation of sorts – a brand guarantee with our Short Pay option wherein you can choose to pay less than the decided amount if you are not happy with the results delivered as decided upon in the beginning. At this point, it is pertinent to reiterate that clients avail Short Pay more as a rarity than a norm at Mavlers! 

12. Certified on-panel talent

Our vetting process for hiring talent is extremely stringent, so you get only the best! With a ready-to-onboard pool of certified experts, you can be assured of the quality of work being delivered. They will work dedicatedly to help you meet your digital marketing goals in your time zone. 

We follow strict NDA policies and take complete ownership of the work commitments. A Subject Matter Expert is assigned along with the resource to ensure the quality of the output and seamless performance. To date, our offshore team model has helped numerous organizations reduce their budget and boost their revenue. 

13. One-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs

We know how difficult it can be to communicate with multiple vendors to meet the different marketing needs of your clients, as well as address challenges that arise with instances of scope creep. That is why we offer the entire range of digital marketing and technology services under one umbrella, so you neither have to say no to any client for any requirement nor look for other partners to help you serve your clients.

The Road Ahead

Selecting an offshore digital marketing agency can be a challenging task if you don’t have a checklist with factors that you must consider. We have one right here for ready reference! Hit us up now to learn more!

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