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Short-pay explained

What is Short Pay at Mavlers?

Trust & confidence are the pillars we build on. The promise of Short Pay is another step in that direction. Read on to learn more!...

Trust, or the lack of it, often turns away good agencies like yours from placing their faith in offshore marketing agencies in the webspace. When we say that we have walked a mile or two in your shoes, we mean it.

We know how distressing it can be to finally zero in on an agency that seems to be the best fit for your bespoke needs, only to be met with less-than-optimal results. You agreed to pay what they asked for and sent in the advance payment when requested. 

But lo and behold, the ROIs or the deliverables fell short of your expectations. Past experiences often mold our expectations from similar agencies or entities. It is not only the loss of hard-earned resources that bears the brunt of such inadequacies but also the trust of your clients and stakeholders that suffers a major setback and that cannot be played around with. 

Now, you find yourself in a tight spot with lost time and resources and pledge not to test the offshore outsourcing waters again.


Halt right there! With close to a decade of experience helping agencies and brands like yours, we know exactly where the shoe pinches!

To counter that lack of trust, we capitalized on our faith in our professional expertise and came up with the promise of the Short Pay option. As a caveat, clients exercise this option more as a rarity than as a norm because we believe in staying true to our word and are confident in our ability to deliver the best. 

By the end of this blog, you will gain clarity on:

  • What is Short Pay?
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Terms & Conditions (yes, that irksome asterisk!) 😉
  • Short Pay Amount Calculation
  • Its effect on your future partnerships with Mavlers
  • Can you still use the white label services under your label even if you avail of Short Pay?
  • How many times can I exercise this option?
  • Does the management ever reject Short Pay requests?
  • Can you opt for this in the middle of a project?
  • Have there been any legal disputes pertaining to Short Pay?


If you are all ears (eyes!) like this cute pudgy penguin, hop on!

So, what is Short Pay?

Similar to its name, the promise holds its weight worth in gold. We believe that our clients reserve the right to judge the quality of the professional services they received in lieu of what was decided upon in the beginning. 

If our clients feel that our services fall short of what was promised or do not do justice to the payment amount decided upon, customers have the liberty to pay anything they wish (ranging from 10% to 100% of the invoice value.)

Yes, we kid you not!

Sounds too good to be true?! Not really! We aspire to deliver nothing but the best and are open to learning with every proverbial sunrise and sunset. Our faith in our core values and niche expertise has given us the confidence to offer the Short Pay promise to our valued clientele. 

Let’s delve deeper into the FAQs addressing the terms, conditions, guidelines, and procedures for making good on our Short Pay promise. This is where you can really read between the lines and make that final decision on signing up with us because you will know for sure that we truly believe in empowering you with best-in-class digital marketing services. 

So, I signed up for SEO services with Mavlers. Am I eligible to avail of the Short Pay promise?

Yes! Every client who enters into a service agreement with Mavlers is eligible to partake of the Short Pay promise, irrespective of the services or packages they choose. The service package could vary from a three-month website upgrade service project to a recurring PPC project; whatever task you choose to accomplish with us, you are eligible to partake of the brand promise. 

What are the conditions of the Short Pay promise? 
Where’s the proverbial catch?

Even if we feel that the services delivered are up to the mark, the ultimate judgment lies with the client. If you are dissatisfied for whatever reason, you can pay a reduced amount that you deem fit. 

To initiate the Short Pay request, all you need to do is,

  1. Let us know our lacuna and exactly where we fell short in delivering as per your expectations,
  2. Submit the request within thirty days of the service delivery either via shooting an email to or by filling out the Short Pay Request Form.

Yep, that’s all you need to do!

The only thing that we appreciate and expect from our clients is clear communication. This means that the client should promptly communicate with our team in case of any hits and misses so that we can nip the issue in the bud. This allows us to fix any lacunae before the client resorts to the Short Pay option. That’s all we seek from your end! 🙂

Awesome! So what are the Short Pay payment terms, and how is the amount calculated?

Good question, amazing people! Here’s what we have to say on this;

As far as the payment terms are concerned,

  1. The amount decided upon by the client is final once they raise the Short Pay request.
  2. The client should agree to pay promptly, as decided upon in the form. It will be considered as the full and final payment for the services rendered. (Yes, it can go up to 100% of the invoice)

For amount calculation insights, this is what you need to take care of,

  1. If you are a project-to-project client, you reserve the right to pay anything ranging from 10% to 100% of the total invoice value for their last or current project with Mavlers.
  2. For those on a recurring or dedicated model with us, we offer to reimburse any advance payments when you choose to avail of the Short Pay promise. The amount can be anything you wish to pay (10% to 100%)  based on the last or current monthly invoice. 

Now that’s super cool! But what about my future engagements with the brand?

Will this affect my partnership with Mavlers in the future?

No, absolutely not! We are dedicated to growing and learning from our shortcomings. 

We bear no grudges and are committed to serving you with the best-in-class digital marketing services in the future as well!

Can I still use the white label services under my label even if I have taken Short Pay?

Yes! Of course, you can; there is no intellectual property dispute of any nature here.

May I apply for Short Pay the second or third time I choose to partner up with Mavlers?

In the rare event that you are dissatisfied with our deliverables as decided upon in the beginning, you always have the option to pay only what you deem fit. However, we would love for you to maintain clear communication with us whenever you find dissonance of any sort so that we may rectify the same from our end.

Have there been any instances of management rejecting Short Pay requests? What was done in such cases, and what were the reasons behind rejecting the same?

To reiterate, there is no approval process behind Short Pay requests. The entire process is wholly and solely at the discretion of the client. So whenever such a request has been raised, it has been met instantaneously with the client paying the amount they deem fit. 

Can I apply for Short Pay if I want to pause the contract midway?

Yes, you may! We’d love to fix things with you, though, as soon as you notice any discrepancy or dissonance between what was decided upon in the beginning and the deliverables submitted at the earliest possible stage. 

How does the brand differentiate between genuine Short Pay requests and not-so-genuine ones?

Many people have posed this question to us, and we maintain the same stand. We believe in fair trade practices, operate on goodwill, and harbor the same expectations from those we partner with. We also maintain that the rare instances of people misusing this privilege shouldn’t deter us from offering this option to the genuine ones. 

Have there been instances of legal disputes because of unresolved Short Pay claims?

None because there is no approval process for the Short Pay claim. 

Sounds so good! What’s next?

Disputes pertaining to any Short Pay requests will be resolved in good faith by both parties and in the rare instance of an unsolvable dispute, the law of the land will prevail. Also, Mavlers reserves the right to modify or amend the terms and conditions of the Short Pay promise without any prior intimation to clients. But does this affect our resolve to serve you better? No, it only makes it a thousand times stronger!

Looking forward to building a professional relationship on solid grounds of trust and confidence.

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