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Scrollytelling – The Secret Sauce To Spice Up Your Website’s Design

Online media is an infinite scrolling space. But you can implement the same style in your websites. How? Let’s find out. ...

You are scrolling through a webpage, expecting the same old humdrum experience. But wait! Suddenly, your screen springs to life with a burst of colors, animations, and surprises as you scroll through. That magic is Scrollytelling – an exciting fusion of storytelling and interactive design that makes your scrolling experience much more interesting and exciting than ever! 

Gone are the days when static web pages were the only source of information on the website that would often bore your visitors to tears. Scrollytelling is the new kid on the block to revolutionize how visitors can consume information and experience exciting brand narratives. 

Excited to know more about Scrollytelling and how it can help infuse life into your website? Make your way to the end, and I promise you will be encouraged to incorporate this hottest trend in your page’s latest design. 

Without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Scrollytelling – What is the hype about?

As the name suggests, Scrollytelling is a term that refers to a storytelling technique that comprises elements of scrolling and storytelling to create an interactive and engaging experience for your visitors. It typically involves presenting information or a story in a visually compelling manner where your user progresses through the content by scrolling horizontally or vertically. 

In scrollytelling, as your users scrolls, they witness different story elements such as videos, animations, images, texts, or various other interactive elements. It is a dynamic presentation that allows for a more immersive experience, enabling your visitors to explore the content at their own pace and engage with the content in a more personalized way. 

Scrollytelling is primarily leveraged in digital media, popularly on websites, to present complex narratives in a more visually captivating and accessible way. 

If you wonder how this trend can help you increase your website’s performance, look at its top advantages.

Why is Scrollytelling all the rage?

. Offers a seamless storytelling experience

Scrollytelling allows you to craft seamless narratives by controlling the pace and flow of the information. Breaking down the content into smaller sections and chunks allows visitors to focus on one section at a time, ensuring a coherent and uninterrupted flow and experience. 

Moreover, each section can build on the other, gradually revealing new information and producing a smooth and engaging story. 

. Enhances the website with visuals

Scrollytelling undoubtedly provides a platform for stunning visuals. The combination of scrolling and visual effects allows you to captivate your users through compelling illustrations, images, and videos. Additionally, interactive elements like animated transitions can be incorporated to enhance the storytelling experience. They can help you deliver an unforgettable user experience and leave a long-lasting impression.

. Increase dwell time by evoking emotions

Scrollytelling allows you to foster immersive experiences. By integrating interactive elements and designing an engaging narrative, you can easily evoke emotions and immerse your visitors in the presented story or information. 

This will make the content more impactful and memorable, incentivizing your users to remain engaged with your content, thereby leading to an increase in your dwell time. Dwell time, as we all know, is a crucial SEO metric. An improvement in dwell time will automatically reflect in an improved ranking for your business.

. Present complex data and information with ease

Scrollytelling can be a powerful and innovative medium for presenting complex data and information. Dividing data into smaller and more informative sections makes it easier for your users to comprehend and interpret information. The scrolling interaction allows for gradual data presentation, allowing users to explore the mentioned information at their own pace. This makes scrollytelling effective for reports, data-driven storytelling, and the like.

. Practice a mobile-friendly philosophy

With the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing, designing for smaller screens has become crucial. Scrollytelling, in the course of accounting for vertical scrolling, is inherently mobile-friendly,

. Enhanced user engagement

Scrollytelling captivates users by encouraging active participation. Visitors encounter new elements and visual effects as they scroll, creating a more interactive experience.

Tips for creating engaging narratives for Scrollytelling

. Plan your narrative

Before diving into the design part, you must outline the narrative comprising the information you wish to present. Moreover, you must determine the significant points and how they will be revealed as your visitors scroll through them. 

. Mind the pace

To keep your visitors engaged and interested, you must control the pacing of your scrollytelling experience. You need to break the content into different sections and reveal the content gradually and one at a time. However,  take care to offer valuable and unique information in each section.

. Include Parallax effects

Simply put, Parallax scrolling is a 3D concept where various layers of content move at different speeds, which creates a sense of depth and immersion. You must consider using this technique to incorporate visual interest and depth into your scrollytelling experience. However, use the parallax effect judiciously to avoid overwhelming the user or affecting the speed.

. Always ensure responsiveness

Since your users may access the content on various devices, ensuring the scrollytelling experience is responsive and well-optimized is crucial. Most importantly, it should be compatible with all screen sizes. Hence, you need to test your design on devices like tablets, desktops, etc., to ensure a smooth experience for your visitors.

. Optimize for accessibility

You need to ensure that your scrollytelling experience is accessible to visitors across all spectrums. Always consider accessibility guidelines, like providing alternative text for images, using appropriate texts and colors, and, most importantly, ensuring keyboard navigation functionality.

. Iterate & test

Lastly, just like any other design process, it is essential to try and test for a scrollytelling experience. To know more about its performance, you can gather feedback from the visitors to identify areas of improvement. Consequently, you can make changes in your design based on your visitors’ insights to optimize the overall visitor experience. 

Some Scrollytelling inspirations that every designer should know

. The New York Times – ‘Snowfall’

This groundbreaking scrollytelling by The New York Times tells the story of a deadly avalanche. It includes videos, maps, images, and other interactive graphics that reveal gradually upon scrolling. Have a look. 
Link to the source –

. The Story of the Goonies

Paying homage to the famous American adventure movie ‘The Goonies’ of the late 80s, this website is a perfect example of how to include the Parallax effect in your website. For an added effect, the designer has also included sound effects to make it more interesting and impactful for the visitors. 

Link to the source –

. ‘Firestorm’ by The Guardian

This brilliant example of scrollytelling narrates the story of the devastating wildfires in Australia. Using the combination of photos, videos, sound effects, and various other interactive elements, users can better understand the wildfire’s causes, consequences, and human impact. 

The scrolling allows for a well-paced and engaging narrative explaining the piece beautifully and effectively. 

Link to the source –

Over to you

And with that final scroll, we have reached the end of this insightful post. Scrollytelling, of course, has a visual flair to it, but it is much, much, more than that. It transforms how visitors consume information, breaking the shackles of static texts and basic images. 

Remember – your website visitors are no longer passive spectators; they are active participants navigating your website while scrolling through what you offer them. 

As promised earlier, you must now be ready to embark on the journey of scrollytelling to enthrall them like never before.

Till next time, keep scrolling! 

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