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How Mavlers helps address all your Adobe Campaign needs

Are you curious to learn about Mavlers’ expertise in meeting your Adobe Campaign requirements? This blog answers all your concerns! ...

So, you are a customer-centric business or agency owner who is considering using Adobe Campaign as your cross-channel marketing automation platform of choice.  

However, you seek the help of a partner agency with the requisite technical expertise and knowledge who can help you get the best out of the tool. 

We at Mavlers hold twelve-plus years of experience catering to our global clients’ cross-channel campaign orchestration needs. 

In this blog, we will be looking at the various aspects of Adobe Campaign that Mavlers can help you with: 

  • Mavlers’ Adobe Campaign services
  • An overview of Adobe Campaign services implementation, customization, and optimization
  • Orchestrate campaigns and optimization in Adobe Campaign Classic

We contacted our Adobe Campaign expert, Priyanka Vyas, for honest and transparent insights into our CRM expertise.

Towards the end of this blog, you will familiarize yourself with Mavlers’ expertise in different Adobe Campaign specialization areas and know if we can fulfill your cross-channel marketing needs. 

Let’s hop to it! 


An insight into Mavlers’ Adobe Campaign services

At Mavlers, our specialization areas in Adobe Campaign include;

1. Email management

In this segment, this is what we can do for you, depending on your unique requirements. You may select the relevant sub-services:

  • Dynamic content creation: We can help deliver personalized content on a one-to-one basis based on the rules you set for each recipient.
  • Email creation: We can also help create beautiful, personalized, responsive emails.
  • Email testing: We can design A/B email tests using up to three variants to determine the biggest customer impact. Then, we preview your email on web, mobile, and email clients.
  • Email reporting: We use built-in reports in Adobe Campaign to quickly analyze email delivery and engagement data and share the reports on an automated or recurring basis.
  • Triggered emails: We can automate transactional emails like password resets or order confirmations. We can also integrate Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to trigger real-time remarketing emails based on individual user actions (and non-actions) on your emails, apps, or websites.

2. Cross-channel marketing

We can optimize cross-channel marketing for you on the CRM in the following ways:

  • Campaign management & reporting: We can help manage multiple data sources, define your audience segments, and plan and execute multi-step, cross-channel campaigns through a drag-and-drop visual workflow interface. We can also deploy Adobe Campaigns’s stellar capabilities to deliver customized reports on a delivery, campaign, user, or segment level.
  • Mobile marketing: We can streamline your mobile marketing activities, such as sending mobile-responsive emails and delivering push notifications, text messages, and in-app messages.

3. Segmentation and targeting

The magic happens when you use the tool’s segmenting and targeting capabilities to achieve better ROI on your cross-channel campaigns. We can help you with:

  • Audience segmentation: We deploy multidimensional targeting to create segments based on virtually any variable in a customer profile. You can target these audiences in Adobe Campaign for multi-step, cross-channel programs.
  • Customer profiles: We enrich your customer profile data and add new attributes or tables. Then, you can use these customer profiles for more accurate segmentation, personalization, and reporting.

An overview of Adobe Campaign services implementation, customization, and optimization

1. Implementation

This includes email creation, campaign/workflow setup, and cross-channel implementation, such as mobile push notifications, in-app messages, etc.

We can help you design and orchestrate targeted and personalized campaigns on multiple channels, including email, direct mail, SMS, and push notifications, to create logical progression for your target.

2. Customization

This includes integrating and updating customer profiles, adding dynamic content to give a personalized touch plus audience segmentation.

We help you with the following;

  • Accessing integrated customer profile for each of your contacts in the database
  • Monitor all digital behaviors, and online and offline transactions in a central location
  • Filter your subscriber population and sample or create target groups based on unlimited criteria.
  • Personalize messages delivered by Adobe Campaign in the following ways;
  • Personalize the message format
  • Insert dynamic personalization fields
  • Insert predefined personalization blocks
  • Create conditional content

3. Analytics, reporting, and optimization

This includes creating and analyzing email/campaign performance reports and optimizing future emails/campaigns based on the reports. 

We can help you monitor and interpret your customers’ behavior by gradually enriching their data, profiles, etc., and tracking their actions and activities on your website, app, or campaigns.

Orchestrate campaigns and optimization in Adobe Campaign Classic

Let’s begin by understanding the meaning of orchestrating campaigns and how we at Mavlers can help you create campaign plans. 

Orchestrating campaigns refers to synchronizing actions (deliveries) and processes (importing or extracting files), as well as resources (marketing documents, delivery outlines) used in marketing campaigns. 

Also, a campaign plan comprises programs and campaigns that constitute them as part of a program.

We can help you create marketing plans, programs, and campaigns within the Adobe Campaign.

We can also create Recurring and periodic campaigns:

  • A recurring campaign is based on a specific template whose workflows are configured to be executed according to an associated schedule. Therefore, the workflows will be recurring within a campaign.
  • A periodic campaign is a campaign created automatically according to the execution schedule of its template.

In addition to the above, we can also help you with campaign optimization.

Campaign Optimization is the Adobe Campaign module that lets you control, filter, and monitor the sending of deliveries. Adobe Campaign can test various combinations by applying specific constraint rules to avoid conflicts between campaigns. This guarantees that the messages sent meet the needs and expectations of customers and company communication policies.

We check for parameters like pressure rules, consistency rules, control rules, filtering rules, etc.

The road ahead

Please note that the functionalities vary depending on the version of Adobe Campaign you’d like us to work on. Now that you know our expertise in Adobe Campaign CRM and the requisite integrations, you might want to check out our tools and tech stack in other digital marketing services.

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Priyanka Vyas - Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Priyanka is a skilled Team Leader with 11+ years of experience at Mavlers. Deeply passionate about exploring Multiple Email Service Provider tools, she excels in team management, client satisfaction, and transparent communication, ensuring the success of every project. Apart from this, she is an Automation Specialist in Marketo.

Naina Sandhir - Content Writer

A content writer at Mavlers, Naina pens quirky, inimitable, and damn relatable content after an in-depth and critical dissection of the topic in question. When not hiking across the Himalayas, she can be found buried in a book with spectacles dangling off her nose!

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