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WordPress A/B Testing

WordPress A/B Testing: Your Go-To Guide On How To Run Split Tests In WordPress

Who doesn’t like generating maximum results with minimum efforts? Learn how to make the most of A/B testing with us....

We, humans, have evolved leaps and bounds ever since the inception of our beloved planet. While there was a time when taking the leap related to marketing strategies from gut instinct was the only way, thanks to technology, we now enjoy a world where we can judge both sides of the coin and go ahead with the one that works best for the brand’s growth. 

While speaking of brands, understanding user behavior and content optimization is essential for running a successful website or blog- A/B Testing can easily help you with that. This blog will explicitly look at A/B testing of WordPress, the well-known content management system. 

Get ready to discover creative and insightful A/B testing approaches that will boost the performance and engagement of your website.

What is A/B testing, and what makes it a big deal?

A/B testing, in plain and simple terms, is a strategy for contrasting two versions of something to see which variant performs better. Think of it as a magical lab where marketers like you get to play with different variations to determine which one performs better and makes your visitors tick. It reveals your audience’s hidden preferences, helping you unlock the secret formula for gaining more engagement and conversions. 

For example- If you want to optimize your landing page on your website, then A/B testing is the perfect technique you need to leverage. The main purpose of A/B testing is to identify what resonates best with your audience. Based on the data you aggregate, you can decide the design, content, or elements you must include on your website. 

In short, A/B testing is a powerful tool that helps you optimize and refine your approach by comparing two versions and choosing the one that performs better, ultimately enhancing the user experience and achieving your goals.  

How to run A/B testing on WordPress websites

Before we get into the ways, here’s a quick introduction to WordPress. 

WordPress is a renowned and user-friendly content management system that offers a platform for creating websites, online shops, blogs, and much more. It has a user-friendly interface, which can be accessed by both beginner and seasoned users, which sets it apart from other content management systems. To start using WordPress, you need not require specialized technical skills or experience. Using user-friendly plugins and theme options, your WordPress website’s visual design, content, and functionality may be altered. 

In addition to this, WordPress has an amazing community of developers, designers, and users who contribute to its functionality. This means you can find community resources, support, and inspiration, enriching your WordPress journey. 

Now that you know WordPress basics, let’s explore how running an A/B test can benefit you. 

  • Improved user experience- After testing different design elements, like features and layouts, you can enhance the overall user experience of your WordPress website. 
  • Increased conversions- Using A/B testing, you can optimize your site’s conversion rate by identifying the most effective strategies to drive action from your visitors. 
  • Data-driven decisions- A/B testing enables you to make informed decisions based on user behavior and preferences rather than relying simply on guesswork. 
  • Competitive advantage- This process allows you to continuously improve your website, helping you gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

The best tools/plugins to run split tests on your WordPress website

Google Optimize

An excellent tool that interacts seamlessly with WordPress is Google Optimize. With its user-friendly interface, you can build experiments from the WordPress dashboard. You may use Google Optimize to test various website elements, layouts, and even complete themes to find the best mix. 

Nelio A/B testing

Another complete A/B testing plugin created specifically for WordPress is Nelio A/B testing. It allows you to design tests, monitor conversions, and assess outcomes from your WordPress admin panel. 

You may get complete results and heatmaps with Nelio A/B testing, allowing you to aggregate important information to improve the overall functionality of your website. 


Optimizely is a powerful A/B testing tool with easy integration with WordPress. Using the tool, your web pages can be changed without using any code, thanks to its simple visual editor. Moreover, this tool enables you to tailor your tests for various user groups with sophisticated targeting tools like segmentation and geolocation.

AB press optimizer

Using AB press optimizer, you may quickly and easily build dozens of alternative versions of your pictures, buttons, content blocks, forms, and headlines. You can install this WordPress plugin on one website for $49 if you purchase the personal version. Up to three websites can be tested for $99 each.

Marketing Optimizer

You can A/B test anything using the Marketing Optimizer plugin, which is free of cost. This includes CTA’s, landing pages, headlines, images, page layouts, button styles, and more. The tool comes with many free templates that you can leverage right away. 

Additionally, it works flawlessly with WordPress hosting that employs server-level caching and well-known caching plugins.

Split Hero

The last A/B testing tool for WordPress in the list is Split Hero. Although it is ideal for the DIY website builder wishing to advance their website, it is primarily targeted at freelancers, agencies, and their clients. 

Compared to the other tools, Split Hero greatly emphasizes maintaining simplicity and providing users with only the information they require to take action. 

The best part is that you can continue to design your pages however you like, including any page builder of your choice apart from WordPress. 

Split Hero provides one simple account plan for a monthly fee of $27. This covers all the features the tool offers, and you can use it on unlimited websites with unlimited visitors and page views. The only limitation is that you can run only one concurrent campaign at a time; however, if you need more, you can purchase it by paying $5 monthly.

Calling it a wrap!

Running split tests in WordPress empowers you to make informed decisions and unleash the true potential of your website for sure. With each test, you gain valuable insights into the preferences and behaviors of your audience, allowing you to refine your strategies and achieve greater results. 

However, you should know that A/B testing is a never-ending process. You must have a loyal commitment to grow, improve, and evolve to drive brilliant results continuously. For WordPress development assistance, please get in touch with Mavlers. To ensure your WordPress-related queries are addressed, our experts are here to help.

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