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Combine Social Media and PPC

Different Ways to Combine Social Media and PPC For More Conversions

PPC generates results. We believe that. But when you combine it with social media, you multiply those results. ...

Picture this for a second – 

You are enjoying scrolling through your Instagram feed and getting your daily dose of memes and reels while double-tapping pictures of people you admire. Suddenly, a sponsored advertisement catches your attention. 

It features a product you have been looking forward to purchasing for months, and the icing on the cake is that it is on a flat 50% sale! You immediately click on the link and add it to the cart. 

Boom! You are the latest in line to allow the powerful combination of social media and PPC advertising to inform your decision-making. Here’s the good news! We have all been there. 

If you are a marketer looking for means to grow your business, you have landed at just the right place! Make your way to the end of this insightful post to take your marketing game to a whole new level.

Social Media & PPC – The Dynamic Duo For Generating More Conversions

Social media and PPC advertising is constantly evolving, and there are always new, better, and innovative ways to combine the two to reap maximum benefits. 

Let’s explore what those practices are in this section – 

Leverage video ads 

Video ads are a powerful way to capture users’ attention and showcase your product and service. Creating engaging and informative videos can generate more leads and encourage users to act appropriately. Video ads are popular on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Craft a video that aptly showcases your product or service and its use cases, and effectively communicates your value proposition. You can then use PPC and social media ads to target that video to your ideal customers.

Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that involves partnering with famous faces to promote your product or service. By joining hands with influencers who have a massive and engaged following, you can elevate your presence and maximize your reach to generate more conversions. 

The first step, of course, involves finding an influencer who aligns with your brand’s niche and values. For instance – If you are a cosmetics brand, you must look for an influencer who creates content showcasing cosmetics in their posts, reels, videos, etc. 

Moreover, the influencer must have a following that matches your target audience. You can then partner with them to create sponsored posts, videos, and the like, that highlight your product or service. You can utilize PPC and social media ads to amplify the reach of those posts and direct them to your ideal customer base. 

Include social media lead ads

Social media lead ads are a type of ad format that allows users to submit their contact information directly within the ad. This can help simplify the lead generation process significantly. For creating a social media lead ad, you must choose the lead generation objective within the ad platform and create a form that aggregates information. 

For example – You might ask for a user’s basic contact details like name and phone number. Once the user submits the form, you can use PPC and social media ads to nurture those leads and encourage them to become your customers. 

Try retargeting with ads

Retargeting ads are a result-driven way to reach people interested in your brand’s product or service. By using means like tracking, you can show ads to people who have visited your website or are engaged with your social media profiles. 

Retargeting ads can imprint your brand on the mind of your prospects and set the gears in motion for their conversion. To set up retargeting ads, add appropriate tracking means like cookies to your website or use retargeting options within your social media ad platform. For instance, if you are using Facebook ads, you can use Meta pixels to track website visitors and show them your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Use Twitter ads

Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to advertise your product or service to over 450 million monthly active users. Twitter ads allow you to target your desired audience by demographics, interests, and behavior. Using Twitter ads, you can create a custom audience based on a set of specific criteria.

Twitter ads offer different formats, including promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. Promoted tweets enable you to promote your tweets to a broader audience, while promoted accounts allow you to promote your Twitter account to potential followers. Additionally, promoted trends enable you to promote a specific hashtag or topic to a broader audience.

Tip – It can be your brand’s official hashtag also. 

You can use Twitter’s conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Conversion tracking allows you to track user behavior on your website after clicking on your ads.

Incorporate cross-channel branding

Cross-channel branding is a customer-focused form of digital marketing that you can use to provide an integrated experience to your customers. Moreover, branding across different channels opens doors for reaching out to new customers, raising awareness, increasing recognition, and elevating the chances of interactions.

Effectively promote your content on social media

Simply creating and sharing content on social media is not enough. You need to do more and promote the content to reach more eyeballs. Millions of posts are published on social media daily, making cutting through the noise a challenging affair. 

But can simply sharing the content help you attain the needful? No. You can achieve this by combining content promotion with PPC. Let’s take an Instagram post, for example. 

Apart from promoting the content, you can create an RLSA (Remarketing list of search ads) audience on Google ads, targeting those who clicked on your post. 

This will clarify who is interested and has interacted with your content. Moreover, it will give you an insight into who is more likely to click on the ad upon seeing it.

Always test and track

The most significant advantage of combining social media and PPC is that it allows you to test, track, improve, and make relevant changes that elevate your ads. The added benefit is that they help you understand how your customers are responding to your campaigns. 

Here’s a quick tip – If at any point you feel that you are spending unnecessarily on a PPC campaign that is not performing well, you can run different variants on social media to see what is performing and resonating the most with your audience. You can then leverage this information and run a successful PPC campaign leading to more conversions. 

We are calling it a wrap! 

Combining social media and PPC advertising is like getting the best of both worlds. On one hand, we have social media as an excellent platform for creating a personal touch with your prospects and customers, as well as building brand awareness. On the other side, we have PPC, the champ of targeted advertising, and the ace of driving conversions. 

Together, you undoubtedly get a duo that will help your marketing efforts knock it out of the park!

Lastly, whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform, ensure that you include everything available, including ad formats and retargeting. 

Now that you know the creative ways to combine both, we can envision you already leveraging them into your upcoming marketing campaigns. 

Wishing you luck! 

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