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Power of AI in Marketing Automation

AI and Marketing Automation: An Insight Into The Perfect Match for Your Business

Striking up the perfect recipe for success in the field of marketing automation with a dash of AI just got easier! Read on to know more!...

Every marketer worth their salt would have wished for Harry Potter’s wand to automate a major section of their repetitive tasks so that they could focus on the creative aspect of their business. When you marry automation with AI tools, sheer magic happens, replete with enhanced productivity and personalized experiences for your subscribers. 

Understanding The Difference Between Automation & AI

Many people confuse AI and automation or use them as synonyms. However, they are different technologies with different purposes and applications. Understanding their definitions and distinctions is important, especially when choosing the right one for your needs.

AI and automation are not the same. Automation follows a fixed set of instructions that tell it what to do, and it cannot do anything outside of those instructions. AI follows general rules that humans give it and can figure out its ways to achieve the desired outcome. In other words, AI needs a lot of data and training to enhance human intelligence, while automation uses technology to replace human input.

Automation may or may not use AI to perform tasks, while AI always involves some automation. AI can also improve automation in many ways. For example, automation can move data from one place to another, while AI can understand that data and act accordingly. For many businesses, AI is a great way to increase the capabilities of their automation tools.

Moreover, AI can learn from its own experience and improve its performance over time without human input. AI allows computer systems to imitate human thinking and reasoning and to learn, predict, and suggest what to do next. Some of the abilities that AI enables are natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and facial recognition. These are powered by machine learning and deep learning using neural networks.

AI uses a mix of algorithms to find patterns in the data and find solutions that humans may not be able to process. Most AI systems that use machine learning today work in a supportive way. They provide recommendations for the best actions that humans can choose to accept or reject, and then they may adjust them manually.

An Insight Into How AI Can Become The Marketers Companion

 Marketing depends on data and analysis, and with AI, marketers can get more insights from and make better decisions on their customers’ data, as well as deliver more personalized experiences for their customers at a large scale.

A Statista survey of US marketing professionals in July 2022 showed that 33% of them believed that saving time was the main benefit of using AI marketing tools in their programs.

The same report also showed that 31% of marketers said AI helped them get better insights into trends, customer preferences, and audience behavior. Another 26% of them said that AI helped them improve their content.

Let’s delve into some of the current and anticipated use cases of deploying the power of AI in marketing automation.

1. Generating personalized content:

As a content curator, have you ever hit the proverbial road’s end, where you keep staring at the blinking cursor while your deadlines inch closer with every passing moment? With the right use of AI tools, that’s going to be a thing of the past, with multiple tools at your disposal that can churn out freshly baked, personalized, and relevant copies at the click of a button! 

By amalgamating Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to curate relevant output on any topic, AI tools like Writesonic,, Jasper, & ChatGPT can help generate original blog copies, web page landing content, and even a poem for your friend’s birthday card!  

But is everything as “magical” as it seems? Can you trust these copies to have the same sass and effect as that of a human mind? As the jury stands divided on that, all we would like to share is leverage these tools as these were intended to be used as tools! A human mind can still yield better and more beautiful results!

2. Forecasting sales trends

Conflating marketing automation and AI can also help you forecast future sales trends.

You can use past performance data, customer behaviors, and market trends as inputs, and AI algorithms will find patterns that can help you predict accurate outcomes.

Some software solutions that offer AI-based sales forecasting are and DataRobot. Leveraging these kinds of services can help you make decisions with more accuracy and confidence, leading to more efficiency and profitability.

3. Automating the process of lead scoring, evaluation, and nurturing

AI technologies can help marketers optimize their lead generation and conversion strategies by using customer data to identify the most promising prospects. This enables businesses to demarcate their resources more efficiently and target their leads more effectively. For instance, HubSpot leverages machine learning systems that anticipate the needs of clients and help marketers close deals faster. AI can also streamline the lead scoring and nurturing process by automatically segmenting and engaging leads based on their likelihood of becoming customers. This can increase the conversion rates by providing leads with relevant and timely information throughout the sales cycle.


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