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Web Maintenance by Mavlers

A Complete Guide to Web Maintenance Packages at Mavlers

Are you worried about the “health” of your business website? This blog walks you through the components of web maintenance services at Mavlers....

So, you have created a beautiful, functional website that’s up and running. The traffic is pouring in, and the sales are growing by the day. 

Even though you might not be facing any visible issues with your website currently, pause and answer the following questions. 

Are you sure about the security of your website’s payment gateways, the absence of any silent malware digging into your consumers’ data, and optimal website loading?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, then you probably qualify for an in-depth website maintenance service package with Mavlers or your existing agency/developer.

We at Mavlers have 12+ years of experience catering to the website design, development, and maintenance needs of brands and agencies across the globe. Over the years, we have amassed significant technical expertise in this field and would like to bring what we have learned to our valued client base. 

In the following blog, we will attempt to shed light on:

  • The importance of investing in regular website maintenance activities
  • What are the components of the website maintenance service at Mavlers?
  • An insight into the different website maintenance packages offered at Mavlers

Staying committed to bringing only the best, factually correct, honest, and unbiased expertise across, we contacted our web development experts Maitri Shah and Krunal Bakraniya to gain a deeper understanding of today’s topic.

My website is running perfectly fine. Why should I still invest in regular website maintenance services?

It might be tempting to sit back and relax when the sun is shining, and everything is hunky dory. But technology is witnessing changes and updates at unprecedented speeds. If you, as a business website owner, think that you can evade hacker attacks and stay updated without investing in your website’s regular health and hygiene check, you might be in for a rude shock soon! According to the findings of, cybercrime is set to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025!

Your website visitors might start complaining about slow page loading speeds (due to uploading un-optimized or extremely large pictures and videos), or worse, hackers might inject malware into your website code and feed off the data without making their presence felt! Yep, that happens!

This is where the importance of investing in a monthly or quarterly (depending on the website’s complexity) maintenance service package comes into the picture, as it will ensure your website’s overall health, performance, and success.

Moreover, if you struggle with website downtime or malware attacks, a subscription to such service packages will ensure that you are covered and provided with the right technical support exactly when needed. 

Maitri says, “Whenever we deliver web design and development projects to our clients, we always inform them that their website might be running completely fine now, but to ensure its safety and optimal performance in the future, too, you must consider signing up for a website maintenance service package either with us or any agency of your choice.

What are the components of the website maintenance service at Mavlers?

We at Mavlers look into the following components when working on web maintenance service requests/projects.

1. WordPress/PHP/theme/WooCommerce updates

Latest core updates such as WordPress, PHP, theme, and WooCommerce will be looked into, analyzed, and implemented in your website. 

Regarding PHP updates (an update in the PHP code so that your website stays up to code!), since they are usually major and time-consuming, we inform the client of the expected delivery time in the scope of work to avoid any confusion. 

2. Plugin update and maintenance

You must use certain plugins on your website to enhance functionalities and features. For instance, ChatGPT integration has become all the rage nowadays, with every other business owner wanting to get the latest ChatGPT integration up and running on their website.

We help you successfully carry out such API integrations and ensure they are the latest and most updated version. 

3. Monthly/quarterly database backups

Maitri Shah stresses a pertinent point: “Regardless of how good and reliable your server might be, regular physical and cloud backups are highly recommended. You never know when a malware injection might wipe away all your client or business data.

We help ensure monthly or quarterly backups of your website data with the previous three months’ data kept in both cloud and physical storage. So, the frequency of the database backups depends on the size and type of websites. For instance, if it’s an e-commerce website, the backup will be done on a monthly basis, while if it’s a generic content-based website, the backups will be taken every quarter.

4. Manual virus & malware scanning

Hacking has become the cybercrime of choice nowadays, and it is all the more important to carry out regular website health audits. 

For instance, a hacker might inject small pieces of  “silent” code wherein you are unaware of its existence, and the code transfers your consumers’ data to the hacker!

We scan your website for such malicious code, take a screenshot, fix it, and tell you that your website is safe!

5. Priority support on website downtime & malware attacks

We offer 24*5 priority support to clients who sign up for website maintenance packages with Mavlers. So, if you face website downtime issues or malware attacks and need urgent support, we are here to help. 

All you need to do is shoot us an email highlighting the issue, and we will take it up on priority, fix the reasons behind the problem, and get your website up and running in real-time. 

However, it is important to note that requests like changing the color of a button or the placement of a text box will not qualify as a priority task and will be taken up as soon as we can accommodate! On the other hand, we will not think twice before prioritizing pressing issues affecting your website’s functioning.

 In case there are any additional requirements, the costs will depend on the number of hours we take to deliver on such requirements  (with Mavlers, the hourly charge is USD 25/hour). 

6. Broken Links Scan

There might be instances of a deleted blog page, landing page, or product page that no longer exists on your site, but the URL or the link for such pages still exists in the cloud. Now, when a user searches for that particular blog or page and you have not redirected it, they will be shown a 404 error, which is not good for your site’s SEO and ranking!

This is where a regular website maintenance audit saves the day as we identify and fix such broken links if we can (and report them to you, otherwise) to ensure consistently good Search Engine Page Rankings (SERPs) and user experience.

7. Install the premium themes security plugin and setup security notifications to your email ID

We install certain paid security plugins like WordFence so that whenever there is a malware attack, you get notified about it. 

You receive an email informing you about the occurrence of the malware attack, requesting you to contact your website maintenance support partner to get it fixed. 

8. Provide a report of server log time (Uptime) and our security check report of the website

We also set up a server log time tracker that notifies you in case of a server downtime. You may then contact us to identify the reason behind it (server concerns or malware incidences) and get it fixed. 

9. Monthly review payment gateway & checkout security

We carry out regular payment gateway and checkout security checks to ensure a seamless and safe experience for your clients. 

Hackers may rewrite the payment API key to redirect the payment to their bank account instead of yours!

So, we analyze the code for such malware and fix concerns, if any.

10. SEO health check report

We also carry out a detailed quarterly site SEO check that will include an analysis of the current ranking, backlinks, crawling, robot setting, etc. 

Web maintenance service components at Mavlers at a glance! 

What are the different website maintenance packages offered at Mavlers?

Here’s an insight into the three website maintenance packages on offer at Mavlers. While you can always peruse what’s on offer in each of the three packages, you can connect with us to better understand what might suit you best. In fact, we can also create a customized package for you as per your requirements!

The road ahead

You are now familiar with the components of website maintenance service at Mavlers and the importance of regularly auditing your website’s health.

Regular updates, security measures, and performance optimization are the three pillars of effective web maintenance. Remember these to ensure your website remains a reliable and enjoyable destination for your audience.

You might now want to take a look at Mavler’s tech and tool stack to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and tech expertise we hold across different digital marketing genres. This can help you get familiar with our tech stack in place in case you’d like to partner with us for any of your digital marketing needs!

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Maitri Shah

Maitri is a versatile IT project manager with seven years of experience leading technical teams and delivering innovative solutions. She is proficient in project planning, resource allocation, and risk management. Skilled in Agile and Waterfall methodologies, she ensures projects are completed on time and within budget. Dedicated to fostering collaboration and driving continuous improvement to achieve project goals effectively, she is proficient in WordPress, Shopify, and Hubspot.

Naina Sandhir

A content writer at Mavlers, Naina pens quirky, inimitable, and damn relatable content after an in-depth and critical dissection of the topic in question. When not hiking across the Himalayas, she can be found buried in a book with spectacles dangling off her nose!

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