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Open AI Spring Update

Open AI Spring Update 2024 ~ All You Need To Know!

Are you excited to know all about ChatGPT 4o spring updates? Then, this is your cheat sheet! ...

As this article goes to press, more than 100 million people are learning, creating, and working on ChatGPT worldwide. 

The world, as millennials, Gen Xers, and boomers know it, has met a quicker demise than one could imagine.

OpenAI took the world by storm on the 13th of May 2024 (yep, just a day before Google’s keynote I/O update) and unveiled all the cool new upgrades on ChatGPT 4o.

You have probably been using ChatGPT to craft email prompts, pieces of code, and romantic poetry for your better half’s birthday card until now. Now imagine if you could converse with it one-on-one and get insightful prompts on your current mood and interview readiness, or even help you “see” the world better if you face vision challenges!

No wonder Sam Altman took to X and publicly said it feels “magical!”

This update is indeed nothing short of sheer magic and promises awesome upgrades for even the free users. 

Now, seriously, could it be any BETTER!? (yep, we said that in the same Chandler Bing voice you read it in! 😉 )


Whether you are a marketer, a brand owner, or a tourist in Paris looking for the perfect croissant without speaking French, ChatGPT4o holds the gates open to a world full of limitless possibilities. As Open AI says, they are just scratching the surface with this one! 

In this blog, we will look into all the major updates shared in the Spring Update. 

  • Key takeaways
  • Using GPT-4o as a live translation device
  • An innovative way to interact with data
  • Doubling up as an accessibility device
  • ChatGPT – high on capturing emotions!
  • Your on-the-go study buddy, tutor, and coder

By the end of this article, you will be sitting awestruck, gripping the armrest of your chair, and making new plans to make the most of this multimodal AI-powered ChatGPT4o update. 

Let’s get started!

Key takeaways

. Exciting updates for free ChatGPT users

OpenAI has announced a significant upgrade for free ChatGPT users, making many features previously exclusive to paying customers available to everyone. These features include image and document analysis, data analytics, and custom GPT chatbots.

. ChatGPT GPT-4o: A major advancement

GPT-4o is a significant leap forward for ChatGPT. This model, designed to be multimodal from the ground up, has been rebuilt and retrained by OpenAI to handle various forms of input and output, including speech-to-speech, without needing to convert them to text first.

. Accessing GPT-4o

If you are a Plus subscriber, you already have access to GPT-4o. Over the coming weeks, access will gradually be rolled out for all other users on mobile, desktop, and the web.

. ChatGPT-4o vs. Google Gemini Live

At Google’s I/O event, they introduced Project Astra and Gemini Live, a voice and video assistant that competes with the new ChatGPT Voice feature powered by GPT-4o. The comparison between these technologies is highly anticipated.

. GPT-4 vs. GPT-4o

While GPT-4o represents a new kind of AI model, it does not necessarily outperform GPT-4 in standard text-based tasks. However, GPT-4o excels in live speech and video analysis and offers a more conversational experience.

. Top 5 new features in GPT-4o

GPT-4o introduces several impressive new features:

  1. Conversational speech: Enhances natural dialogue capabilities.
  2. Live translation: Supports real-time translation across multiple languages.
  3. Image analysis: Users can now analyze images directly within the chat.
  4. Document analysis: Facilitates the examination and summarization of documents.
  5. Custom GPT Chatbots: Allows for the creation of tailored chatbots for specific needs.

While some of these features are not live yet, they promise to enhance the user experience once fully implemented greatly.

Using GPT-4o as a live translation device

This latest upgrade is great news for travelers and bureaucrats alike. With it, you can now travel and converse with ease.

OpenAI showcased a groundbreaking feature of GPT-4o that has the potential to revolutionize the global travel industry: live voice translation.

Operating much like human translators at international conferences, ChatGPT functions as an intermediary between two people speaking different languages.

In the demonstration, OpenAI CTO Mira Murati spoke in Italian, and ChatGPT translated her words into English, which it then relayed to her colleague Mark. When Mark responded in English, ChatGPT translated his reply into Italian and spoke the words back to Murati.

An innovative way to interact with dat

ChatGPT with GPT-4o voice and video capabilities makes other voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and even Google’s Gemini on Android appear outdated.

The launch felt like a pivotal moment in technology, comparable to Steve Jobs’s unveiling of the iPhone, Google’s dominance in search, or even Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press’s revolutionary impact. This innovation is set to transform the way we interact with data.

Doubling up as an accessibility device

OpenAI has recently released a series of product demo videos showcasing the vision and voice capabilities of its impressive new GPT-4o model.

These videos feature the AI engaging in activities like singing, playing games, and helping users “see” and describe their surroundings.

One video filmed in London depicts a man using ChatGPT 4o to gather information on Buckingham Palace, ducks in a lake, and someone getting into a taxi. These remarkable accessibility features could be invaluable for individuals with poor eyesight or vision loss.

ChatGPT is now high on capturing emotions!

OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now detect emotions by analyzing facial expressions through the camera. In a demo, when it detected a smiling face, the AI asked, “Want to share the reason for your good vibes?”

It’s clear why Sam Altman described this as magical! The voice assistant is truly remarkable, and if it performs as well in real use as it did in the demo, it could revolutionize the way we interact with AI, moving away from text-based interactions.

This feature will be gradually rolled out over the next few weeks.

Source: OpenAI

In another demo showcasing the ChatGPT Voice upgrade, OpenAI demonstrated how its AI can produce not only natural-sounding speech but also dramatic and emotional tones.

The demo began with a request for the AI to create a story, showcasing different vocal styles, including a robotic voice, a singing voice, and an intensely dramatic voice.

The singing voice was particularly impressive and suggests potential future applications in providing vocals for songs as part of an AI-driven music model.

Source: OpenAI

Your on-the-go study buddy, tutor, and coder!

One of the new ChatGPT’s standout features is its native vision capabilities, which enable it to “see” through the camera on your phone.

In one demonstration, the team showed ChatGPT an equation written on a piece of paper and asked the AI for help solving it. Instead of providing the answer directly, the AI offered guidance and walked them through the problem step-by-step.

The AI can also react to real-time changes. In another example, they used the camera to show the letters “I heart ChatGPT” on a piece of paper. The AI responded emotionally to the message, expressing delight at being told: “I love you.”

A surprising moment occurred when the camera remained active, and ChatGPT noticed the presenter’s outfit, spontaneously commenting, “Wow, I love the outfit you have on.”

Source: OpenAI

Using an incredibly natural voice on a Mac, ChatGPT demonstrated its ability to view and analyze written code. It could also describe what it saw, including identifying potential issues.

The ChatGPT Desktop app’s vision capabilities extend to viewing the desktop itself. In the demo, it could look at a graph and provide real-time feedback and information.

Source: OpenAI

The road ahead

Phew! That’s a lot of awesomeness to withhold! A fact is that the AI-empowered world will take us places without having to make much effort. What remains to be seen is how does it play out in different scenarios of daily and tech-based life. 

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