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Growth of Video Advertising

The Growth of Video Advertising and How it Impacts SEM

In a world where attention span is miniature, video ads still have the ability to convey so much more in so less time. ...

Welcome to the world of video advertising! It’s like the Wild West, but instead of cowboys, we’ve got marketers in ten-gallon hats riding unicorns. What a sight to behold! The 21st-century advertising game is immensely sophisticated, with videos forming one of its crucial components. From TV commercials to YouTube ads, videos seem to be calling the shots everywhere. 

The explosive growth of video advertising is changing how we consume content and impacting how we approach search engine marketing (SEM). Suppose you’re not already using video ads in your SEM strategy. In that case, you’re missing a chance to ride the unicorn to success. So let’s saddle up and explore how video advertising is changing the SEM game and how you can join the game and run at your own pace.

The Growth of Video Advertising

According to Wyzowl’s research, 84% of consumers have been swayed to buy a product after watching a brand video on it. The development of high-speed internet and mobile devices has created a massive and rapidly expanding market for video advertising by making it easier than ever for people to access and consume video content. In addition, mobile video advertising is expected to make up a sizable chunk of the $55 billion spent on digital video in the United States alone in 2021. 

Platforms like YouTube and Facebook are making it easier for small businesses to create video ads by providing self-service ad creation tools. Marketers’ approaches have evolved in response to the popularity of online video ads; they have increasingly started to see the value in producing high-quality videos that viewers will want to share and talk about. As the popularity of online videos increases, video ads are poised to take on an increasingly more prominent role in the future of digital marketing.

Reasons Behind the Growth of Video Advertising

Several elements have contributed to the expansion of the video advertising market. Let’s take a look.

1. Popularity of Video Content

As humans, we respond better to information when it is presented through a visual medium. Images are better than plain text, and videos trump images; that’s how the hierarchy is. This has resulted in a large and expanding industry for video advertising, with more and more businesses realizing the value of producing entertaining and shareable videos to raise brand awareness and encourage consumer participation. 

Videos are also quite good at grabbing people’s attention and making them feel something. This is because videos can entertain and inform viewers and tell engaging stories, all at the same time. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and now even LinkedIn is encouraging users to share more videos.

2. Advances in Technology

Virtual and augmented reality technology has given marketers new ways to make interactive videos and fully immerse viewers. Thanks to programmatic advertising, ad networks may offer real-time adverts depending on user behavior and demographics. Because of this, video ads will become more efficient and effective than ever at reaching your intended audiences.

3. Targeting Capabilities

Advertisers now have access to a degree of precision and efficiency not possible before, thanks to video ads and their ability to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. Ad placements may now be automated based on user data, allowing for real-time optimization and more efficiency.

How Video Advertising Impacts SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is profoundly influenced by video advertising. You can boost your rankings and attract more visitors by incorporating video advertisements in your search engine marketing strategies. You can increase brand recognition and website traffic by showing high-quality and tasteful brand videos to people interacting with your website.

Integration of Video Advertising Into SEM

As an advertiser, you may increase your interaction with your target demographic and your conversion rate by using video ads. More people will visit your company’s website, and it will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) if you integrate your video ads seamlessly into your SEM plans.

It would be best if you tailored your SEM strategy for video ads to the same platforms where your target audience is most likely to be seeing those ads. You also need to make sure that your video advertisements are search engine optimized so that they are shown to the appropriate people in response to relevant queries.

Benefits of Using Video Advertising in SEM

Your videos can be seen by the intended demographic and appear in relevant search results if they can be optimized for indexing by search engines. 

Here are the positive impacts of video advertising in SEM.

1. Increased Click-Through Rates

Compared to conventional text-based advertisements, which can be less exciting and enticing to the eye, video advertisements retain higher click-through rates. And the best part, users share videos more often among friends and family.

2. Improved Engagement

Individualized approaches can foster a deeper emotional connection between a brand and its consumers. For example, Nike’s Dream Crazier campaign hit all the emotional chords that helped it reach millions of audiences. It was an ad video that demonstrated all the women sportspersons who were termed crazy simply because they chose to pursue their dreams that weren’t conventional. It received a splendid response from audiences across the world. Many women resonated with the message and the ad video eventually boosted the morale and confidence of many women who were willing to pursue a career in sports.

3. Enhanced Brand Awareness 

Your business may attract more attention to your brand and message through video marketing than it would with just text ads. Video ads will any 0day help you attract more eyeballs than other forms of online advertisement. 

Challenges Faced in Integrating Video Advertising Into SEM

You can reap several benefits from incorporating video advertising into SEM but face several hurdles. Like, 

  • Smaller businesses may be unable to afford high-quality video production costs due to a resource crunch. 
  • Search engines may have trouble crawling video content unless you have optimized them soundly. 
  • Determining which keywords and phrases are most appropriate for your video advertisements can be challenging
  • You need to make sure your videos are interesting and relevant to your audience if you want to succeed in your marketing efforts.

Best Practices for Combining Video Advertising and SEM

You may get the most out of both video advertising and SEM if you combine the two techniques, but only if you put in the time and effort to do so. 

Here’s how you do it:

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases in the video’s title and description. 
  • Make mobile-friendly versions of videos. 
  • Include distinct calls to action. 
  • Assess the results of your video advertising. 

Here are some best practices you can consider taking into account.

Here are some best practices you can consider taking into account.

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

When merging video advertising with SEM, it is extremely important to know your audience. Understanding your target demographic, their interests and behaviors, and what drives them to take action is crucial for successfully incorporating video advertisements into your SEM campaign.

2. Developing Compelling Video Content

Getting people interested in what you say and getting them to take action requires compelling video material. The best videos answer the user’s questions while also delivering aesthetic pleasure and contextual accuracy.

3. Implementing Effective Targeting Strategies

Tailoring your marketing efforts to your target audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviors is vital. You can narrow your focus to a particular area, type of gadget, or phrase in a search engine, among other options.

4. Measuring and Analyzing Results

You can study the data from your campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. This includes monitoring indicators like engagement, conversion, and clickthrough rates. It’s crucial to zero in on the KPIs that will serve as yardsticks for your campaigns’ success.

Examples of Successful Video Advertising Campaigns in SEM

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” campaign is an excellent example of a video ad that has done well in search engine marketing. The initiative set out to dispel outdated gender roles in the sporting world. In the commercial, Serena Williams, one of the best tennis players of all time, stressed the significance of female athletes going for their goals. The video went viral, receiving millions of views, shares, and likes across several social media platforms, helping raise Nike’s profile and encouraging users to interact with the company. 

Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign is another good illustration. The campaign was successful and boosted Apple’s sales. The “Dollar Shave Club” commercial aimed at millennial males featured an irreverent and amusing video promoting the company’s cheap razor subscription program. And lest we forget, the video was shared 11 years ago. And it has amassed over 28 million views to date.

Key Takeaways

With TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, we can confirm how the internet fraternity has been hooked to short videos. Video ads are ubiquitous, and if they aren’t a part of your marketing strategy yet, you’ll struggle to catch up with your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Step into the world of video advertising and infuse new life into your SEM efforts! 

Seeking assistance with your Video Ads campaigns? Reach out to our SEM experts today!

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