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Writing Bulletproof PPC Ads: Get More Clicks With These Tips and Tricks!

Wondering what goes into writing effective PPC ad copies? Find your answers in this blog! ...

They are quick to implement, convenient to track, and help drive qualified traffic to your page- yes, we are talking about PPC ads. For these reasons (and many more), marketers absolutely love them. But, of course, there’s more to the picture here. You see, for a PPC ad to deliver the goods, immense care needs to go into its curation; especially, its copy. 

Visitors will feel compelled to click on your ad only if its copy is unequivocally top-notch. What considerations go into writing such ad copy, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today! In this blog, we’ll sketch out in detail a few techniques that will make your PPC ads the cynosure of all eyes. Read on to find out!

Components of a PPC Ad

Before we dive deep into ad copywriting best practices, let us first wrap our heads around the fundamental parts of a PPC ad. 

  • Headline

Your ad’s headline is arguably its most important part for it is the most prominent one and hence largely responsible for grabbing the visitors’ eyeballs. It’s the first thing that people will notice about your ad so make sure that it’s high on impact. 

  • Display URL 

The URL of your PPC ad must be curated in such a manner that it gives readers an accurate idea of where they will be redirected upon clicking on it. 

  • Description 

This is your ad’s body, the portion where you get to describe your offering’s value proposition. Given the limited real estate a PPC ad offers, to begin with, one must strike up the right balance between clarity and economy to craft a description that’s persuasive and intriguing. 

Now, there are many approaches that you can take to populate your ad’s description- while some businesses prefer to highlight salient features and benefits (the smart way of going about this is to centre your product’s merits around the pain points of your target audience, rather than stating them in an isolated manner), others are more happy to provide testimonials and reviews of satisfied customers. On top of all this, it is prudent to include a call to action as well in this section. 

Characteristics of effective PPC ad copies

A lot goes into writing an ad copy that hits all the right notes. In this section, we attempt to identify these various considerations for you.

Know your audience

Before you sit down to write your ad copy, ask yourself this question- “How well do I know my audience?”

The degree of fluency with which you answer this question will ultimately determine how successful your PPC ads are. 

Having an intimate understanding of your target audience’s needs and interests will help you accurately predict their search queries. This, in turn, will help you identify words and phrases they use most frequently. Subsequently, these terms will become your “keywords” which you can then introduce to your ad copy to boost its success rate. And while including keywords, don’t try to stuff them for the mere sake of it; it’ll end up being counter-productive. Instead, place them organically, always prioritising the coherence and readability of your ad copy.

Write customer-centric copy

Buyers tend to maintain their distance from brands who communicate unidirectionally- always focused on stating their features and benefits and never taking a moment to present them in the context of their audience’s requirements. The modern-day consumer is well aware that they can obtain a solution to their specific problem statement with a mere click. Hence, to successfully draw them towards you, you need to carefully listen to them and then consequently reflect the same while writing your ad copy. 

As we mentioned earlier, never fall into a habit of hard selling; instead, position your benefits such that your target audience can clearly understand all the different ways in which your offerings can mitigate their problems. Always attempt to appeal to your customer’s emotions; you’ll never go wrong that way. 

Ensure your landing page aligns with your ad

Too many brands these days are in the business of overpromising and under-delivering. If you don’t want your business, too, to feature in this undesirable list then you must make certain that your PPC ad isn’t just clickbait. Everything you promise in your ad should be available to the visitor on your landing page. Attracting traffic on the basis of false pretenses will get you nowhere; always keep that in mind. Customers these days value transparency a lot, and should you fail to provide it to them, they won’t spare a second thought while seeking it out elsewhere. 

Sound distinct and original

I don’t think anyone needs to be brought up to speed with just how rife with competition the market is at present. What you are offering, so are scores of other businesses. Now, this raises a unique problem- that of writing ad copies that might end up being identical to those of your competitors. 

When all of you are providing similar solutions, you can’t help but have some degree of overlap in your communications. However, if you have a robust understanding of your customer’s requirements and pain points, you’ll find a way to articulate your USPs in a highly original manner. You’ll have to dig deep to find this tangent- it might derive from certain testimonials, unique use cases, or even your pricing tiers- but trust us, all the time spent in unearthing it will be completely worth it. 

PPC ads that manage to differentiate themselves from the crowd instantly register themselves on the visitor’s radar, giving those businesses a significant edge over their competitors. 

Incorporate a CTA in your headline

A little while earlier, we mentioned how critical headlines are when it comes to driving attention to your ads. Another way in which you can amplify the impact of your headline is by integrating a CTA into it. Come to think of it, isn’t inviting the audience to take action anyway better than simply stating something? Plus, a call to action can end up being just the differentiator your ad needs to stand out from the crowd. 

Leverage AI to polish your copy

In recent times, the emergence of generative AI tools has promised to remarkably broaden the horizons of copywriting. By feeding the initial wisps of your idea to these tools, you can easily have multiple first drafts at your disposal, subsequently employing an iterative process to arrive at an output that meets all of your requisite parameters.

Wrapping it up

Impactful ad copywriting is a precise art that can only be mastered on the back of unwavering discipline and endless reserves of patience. Treat the insights shared above as a starting point and never shy away from exercising your creativity; soon you’ll find yourself writing ads that audiences can’t help but click!

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Prajakti is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Mavlers. She brings with her a rich content creation experience of over 10 years. A creative mind and a good hold on syntax make her traverse her writing through different forms of content including blogs, interviews, infographics, case studies, etc. While writing is her first love, she’s also an avid birdwatcher.

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