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Meet Your Speakers

Nital Shah

Founder & COO
@ Mavlers & Uplers

Nital, COO at Mavlers, having worked with Mavlers’ global agency clientele, has extensive expertise in agency operations and the changing agency landscape. He brings a wealth of experience gained over a decade of working with esteemed agencies in Australia as well.

Moby Siddique

CEO & Head Strategist
@ RedPandas

Moby Siddique, CEO at RedPandas, is renowned for his strategic, no-fluff insights stemming from over 15 years of digital expertise across corporate and agency realms. RedPandas is an Australia-based global marketing automation agency that empowers businesses to dominate their markets with trust and authority.

Agency Leaders, This Webinar Is Unmissable!

If you’re a decision-maker in your agency, this webinar will help you learn:

  • Key market insights, shifts, and trends in the agency world today
  • How offshoring has evolved over time
  • How agencies leverage offshoring to stay profitable during tough times
  • What offshoring is good for [And what offshoring ISN’T ideal for]
  • Tips on how NOT to fail with offshoring
  • Live Q&A Session

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Who would benefit from this webinar

Agency Owners



Operations Heads/VP Operations

About Mavlers

Mavlers is a full-service digital marketing agency. We help businesses scale their digital marketing efforts by building flexible teams and delivering impeccable projects. We summon every ounce of our expertise to execute all our clients’ visions tactfully.

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