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SocietyOne used video remarketing to target users visiting the website to educate and recommend the P2P platform of buying and lending. Promoted testimonial videos showcasing the number of satisfied customers that have undertaken such financial help & have come out better.

How Video Marketing Drove 146% conversions for SocietyOne

  1. 1


    • Align business acquisition goals to overall Search strategy of SocietyOne
    • Increase the number of conversions via paid search
    • Brand engagement & promotional objectives to amplify presence in the industry
  2. 2


    • Promote testimonial videos to users who have had an interaction with the site
    • Improve the number of final conversions
    • Educate the users on the benefits of P2P lending
  3. 3


    • Developed a high quality video which acted as a brand ready reckoner
    • Developed testimonial videos of highly satisfied clients providing their reasoning for choosing the brand
    • Ensure both In-Display & In-Stream are leveraged for this purpose


SocietyOne is the most established Peer-to-Peer lending platform to enable investors and borrowers to connect in order to procure great deals. Some of the benefits it specifically provides are quick approval (within 72 hours), fixed repayments and no early repayment penalties.

Paid Search – An effective platform

Mavlers helped tackling all the challenges faced by the SocietyOne by working together in tandem to create an effective multichannel strategy. We developed testimonial videos of highly contended clients providing their reasoning for choosing the brand which in turn helped in brand engagement as well as promotional objectives amplifying presence in the industry.

Strategy Outline

  1. search
    • Dominate the SERP for any brand queries accrued either via Paid or Organic.
    • Industry leadership on Peer-to-Peer keywords.
    • An effective negative list strategy to eliminate any chances of being available for irrelevant clicks.
  2. video icon
    • Creating effective event based customer lists to target customers based on the interactions via Google Tag Manager.
    • Segregating lists effectively to maintain differentiation & create new personas.
    • Linking up the lists with new Remarketing campaign strategised for different objectives based on the sales funnel.

Video Remarketing – New Hero in Retargeting

Mavlers framed-up the video retargeting strategy into two halves which were defined by their interactions based on the sales funnel with the brand.


Strategy 1 : New Users

Analysing the data in Google Analytics for new users, a list was created for the website who were new visitors for the brand & thus SocietyOne had just entered into their consideration set.

Action For New Users?
  • An effective & detailed brand video was created which explained the benefits of Peer-to-Peer lending & the role played by SocietyOne.
  • Creation of a new Remarketing list only for new users with requisite rules was created to ensure that recurring audience who are already well versed with the brand do not receive videos that are introductory in nature.
  • It was decided that to ensure maximum reach as well as frequency, both In-Display as well as In-Stream would be used.

Strategy 2: Conversion Dropouts

Again with the help of Google Analytics, a list which specifically targeted users who have dropped off in the purchase funnel was created. This was created separately as a separate advert was to be targeted for these persona compared to the previous one. Action for Conversion dropouts?

  • Testimonial videos by the clients who have benefited by the services of SocietyOne was created specifically for this purpose.
  • A separate remarketing list of audiences was created and help from Google Tag Manager was taken to simplify the process.
  • Incremental bidding was applied to specifically focus on these audience to turn them into conversions.


chart images

An overall increase of around 146% was observed in the conversions and 27% in clicks which further increased
effectiveness of the campaigns, running for SocietyOne.