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Who are Red soda?

RED Soda is Sydney based wedding band called Something Borrowed, and have been delighting couples and their guests with sensational wedding music since 1996.

RED Soda performs at wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands – even interstate and overseas!

Their goals

  • Revenue
  • Return on investment
  • Brand awareness

Our objectives

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Acquire competitive rankings
  • Drive new leads & increase sales
  • Measure success

What we did in SEO

Keyword Research

We did extensive keyword research and then formed a final keyword strategy.

Title Tag & Meta Description Optimisation

On-site improvements began with title tag and meta description revisions as well as existing content was analysed for improvement. Technical optimisations were made to make the site architecture more search engine friendly.

Link Building Campaign

Mavlers launched a comprehensive link building campaign through strategic outreach and badging initiatives to gain more authority and better rankings in the search engines.

Local Ranking and Organic Traffic

Created new off-site creative content initiatives ranging from infographics to guest blogs. RED Soda name was woven into the online conversation through organic outreach and link building efforts that also built the brand’s credibility with the search engines.

Landing Pages Creation

Locally focused landing pages were then developed for each location, giving RED Soda the ability to attract traffic from competitive, service-specific terms.

Strategic Structure for Local SEO Campaign

A robust off-site local SEO campaign was also implemented, with shareable, locally relevant content and a strategic structured citation plan. Targeted organic and local pack position tracking was set up in specific cities as well as on a national level.

Off-site and On-site SEO

Finally, Mavlers fully optimised RED Soda by combining both off-site and on-site SEO. Generating backlinks to new pages while ensuring landing pages were fully optimised resulted in a leap in enquiries.

What we did in SEM

Campaign Structure

Created themed campaign structure after a deep analysis of the site to focus on all the services provided by RED Soda and find relevant keywords by doing keyword research.

Campaign Optimisation

The campaign was optimised on various levels by doing the keywords bid adjustment, checking Search terms, ad copies, device bid management etc.

CPA Management

The different bidding strategies were applied to manage the Cost per Acquisition so that ROI can be maximised and having a strong control over the cost.

Ad Scheduling

Customisation of the ads triggered was done by implementing day parting to spend the budget during the performing hours and control the spent during hours and days not delivering performance.

Ad Extension

To increase the viewer interaction and provide maximum detail about the business to the potential customers so as to increase the CTR and make the ads catchy, the extensions like site link, callout, call, structured snippet were added to the ad copies.

Ad Rank

The keyword quality score was maintained by adding keywords in proper match types to maintain the relevancy of ads yielding to high CTR which helped improving the Ad position.

AB Testing

Split test for ad copies was undertaken using different landing pages to find the most efficient version of the ad copies. Also, variations of ad copies were experimented to reach high CTR.


To target the previous visitors with the help of cookies based audiences, creative banners were added. Also for the same purpose, Remarketed List for Search Ads (RLSA) campaign was enabled focusing on the performing keywords based on historical data.

Campaign Restructure

As per our proven strategy, after a few months, the entire campaign was restructured to tap the opportunities of adding new keywords which also covered converted search terms.

Bing Ads

After the successful performance of the account on Google Search Engine, the opportunity to reach potential customers on the Bing Search Engine was tapped to promote the business growth and branding purpose.


After months of searching for an SEO / SEM I was referred to Mavlers by an old colleague. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen in this game - but from the beginning I could tell that Mavlers were different. I have a strong marketing background and loved how strategic my account manager and her team were in their planning and goal setting.

They didn't just use a pro forma marketing plan for my business, they listened to me and executed a unique plan tailored to my needs. The results speak for themselves. From the first day Mavlers set up my PPC account it was like someone turned on a tap of customers, the dam burst and a welcome torrent of client enquiries flooded into my inbox.

Organic search results take much more time and patience - but month after month, my organic traffic is growing quickly as well. Mavlers are leaders in a very competitive market - I know they give me the best insights and knowledge in search.

It's a constantly changing environment and they have put my company well ahead of the game. They go above and beyond to generate the best results for my business and I'm thrilled to have them working for me! I highly recommend Mavlers.

Owner, RED Soda