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MAX Solutions

MAX Employment is a prominent employment provider in Australia, committed to delivering life-changing opportunities for individuals and employers alike. As an accredited Registered Training Organisation, MAX offers a wide range of vocational, educational, and certified training programs nationwide. Complemented by its health services and collaborations with Assessments Australia, MAX tailors its offerings to address individual needs, equipping people with the tools and knowledge to take charge of their health and unlock new avenues for success.

MAX Solutions’ journey with Mavlers

Performance Max
for Search campaigns

Effective lead

Remarkably low
CPA- from $1000 to $100

The challenge

The client approached us when they were facing a challenge with lead quality. This was mainly due to the mismatch between the target audience and the leads generated. MAX provides courses for Australian citizens. However, they encountered a high volume of international students filling out their forms through Google Ads. Despite various attempts, such as location adjustments, ad copy revisions, and landing page modifications, the influx of international students persisted, impacting the overall effectiveness of their campaigns.

Mavlers’ tailored approach

The Mavlers team dived deep into the challenge to understand it better. We realized that addressing this challenge required a comprehensive reassessment of MAX Solutions' campaign strategy.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches within the existing framework, we proposed the exploration of alternative campaign types - Performance Max Campaigns - to better align with MAX Solutions' objectives.

The result

The tangible results achieved through the implementation of the new campaign exceeded MAX Solutions' expectations, validating our approach and demonstrating the value of innovation and collaboration. The significant reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from the range of $500-$1000 to $60-$100 underscored the transformative impact of our efforts on MAX Solutions' bottom line. This approach in turn resulted in a ROI that was expected to be delivered from our end when compared to other advertising channels & sources.

As team Mavlers helped MAX Solutions achieve their goal successfully and with their trust in our expertise, the partnership has further solidified and has laid the foundation for future collaboration and growth.

The road ahead

Looking forward, our partnership with MAX Solutions holds promise for ongoing success. Building on the momentum generated by our initial achievements, we aim to further optimize and expand the campaign to capitalize on emerging opportunities and evolving consumer behaviors.

Lead nurturing will be the key focus area, as we seek to maximize the value of the increased influx of quality leads through personalized engagement and targeted messaging. Additionally, with MAX Solutions' decision to allocate additional resources to their advertising budget, we anticipate even greater opportunities for growth and expansion in the months and years to come. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation, we are confident in our ability to deliver continued value and drive sustainable results for MAX Solutions.