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A Journey of Growing Leads
for Doctors’ Health Fund With
Team Mavlers

About Doctors’ Health Fund

Doctors’ Health Fund, established in 1977, is a registered private health insurer serving the Australian medical community. The fund offers services that protect members from the impact of health care incidents in their lives. It provides convenience and flexibility with a choice of health insurance products including hospital and extras cover.

Their top cover for hospitals offers the best gap cover in Australia. It delivers an unrestricted choice of doctors and greater benefits which are based on the AMA List of Medical Services and Fees. Doctors' Health Fund is a signatory to the Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct.

About Doctors’ Health Fund


DHF approached Team Mavlers with the following objectives:
  • The primary objective was to increase the total conversions of the account through strategic Paid Marketing Campaigns. The following were the focus points:

    - Leads: Application Submissions, Contact Us & Email Me Quote forms from the website.

    - Customer Call Conversions: Conversions coming through customer/website calls.

  • They also wished to improve the CPA of the account and keep it around $8.

The Initial Results

To achieve the targeted results, Team Mavlers started with knowing the insurance footing:

Initial 6 months, when the SEM
campaigns were started for DHF, the
following results were received:
CLICKS 14,165
IMPR. 721,625
CTR 1.96%
AVG. CPC $1.64
COST $23,229
CALL CONV. 1,377
CPA $12.17
DHF SEM Campaigns
The Prime Challenges

The primary challenges faced were as follows:

  • To get more conversions especially Application Submissions through Paid Search.
  • To generate more phone calls.
  • To improve the CPA of the account.

Due to setup anomalies in the account, it was difficult to get relevant leads/form fill-ups through the website:

  1. The keyword theming had a scope of improvement as there were 15+ keywords added in one ad group. Having these many keywords in one ad group was affecting the quality score and conversions.
  2. There were many generic keywords added and the match types of the keywords needed to be improvised as well. This was resulting in unnecessary spend and irrelevant conversions in the account.
  3. In the display campaign, audiences were not added and as a result, the ad was shown to open audiences along with some targeted display keywords and placements, resulting in a huge amount of spend with no conversions.

The Solution

To generate more conversions at a lower CPA, the following changes were implemented by Mavlers:

  • Budget Icon

    Identifying the opportunities to invest the budget in a proper way, such as allocating budget as per the performance of the campaign can actually make a difference. This will result in cutting unnecessary spend and increase the spend for the performing ones to get a hike in conversions and lower down the CPA.

  • Target Icon

    The team tested call-only ads in specific brand campaigns to get more phone calls, which proved to be a major factor in generating more call conversions and helped to lower down the CPA.

  • Bidding Icon

    The correct use of bidding strategy like “Maximize Conversions” in the campaigns was done, once there was enough historical data to achieve the marketing goals.

  • Ad Group Icon

    In the initial phase of campaigns, the bid strategy used in the Brand and AMA campaigns was “Manual CPC” to control the bids based on the performance. Later, the campaigns were optimized with regular search term analysis and bid adjustments wherever required. Furthermore, once enough data was received from the account, the team switched to “Maximize Conversions” to focus more on results and lower down the CPA of the account.

  • Key Icon

    The next step was finding and excluding negative keywords in the account by preparing detailed search terms report and pausing keywords that were too generic and were running with improper match type to reduce irrelevant search queries and reduction in cost.

  • Revenue Icon

    Further, it was necessary to identify the opportunities for remarketing to the users who previously visited the website by implementing Display Banner Ads (Template Ads) in a separate campaign.

  • Earth Icon

    Keyword theming was revised to improve the quality score of the keywords, thereby increasing the relevancy of the ads running resulting in minimum CPCs and generating maximum results.

  • Ad Icon

    Adding to that, started with Microsoft Ads (formerly known as Bing Ads) in February 2017 to see the performance on other platforms by importing all the campaigns from Google Ads and using UTM Tags for conversion tracking.

  • Pin Icon

    Optimization of campaigns at different levels like keyword, locations, demographics, scheduling ads on active hours and day, ad copies, devices, and audiences on a weekly/monthly basis played an important role in generating maximum results and lower CPA.

  • Dollar icon

    Better tracking setup helped the team to look at things at a more granular level and make data-driven decisions to further enhance the performance of the campaigns by driving the goals and events.

DHF Case Study
DHF Case Study Design
DHF Case Study Designs

The Results

Below are the results achieved during the
last 6 months:
CLICKS 15,910
IMPR. 815,453
CTR 1.95%
AVG. CPC $1.25
COST $19,858
CALL CONV. 2,196
CPA $7.90
Due to the implementation of the solutions mentioned above in the account, a noteworthy change in the results was observed
Below are the changes that had been noticed:
(Last 6 months data vs Initial 6 months data)

Conversions have seen a boost of


CPA has significantly improved by


Phone Calls have increased by

Here is the graphical representation of the metrics which have improved in the last 6 months:
DHF Case Study Graph
DHF Case Study Metrics
Team Mavlers helped the brand to achieve the desired objective aligned to their goals. Along with that, Mavlers continued to increase conversions and improve the CPA of paid campaigns.