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Chur Burger

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60 Days
we increased Chur Burger's store visits by

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Chur Burger was created by Warren Turnbull. The delicious variety of burgers and shakes - best enjoyed with a cold beer - meant that Chur Burger quickly gained a loyal following. To further capitalise on its success, they decided to connect with Mavlers.


Chur Burger wanted to drive more walk-ins to their Surry Hills location. They don’t accept phone bookings or online orders, so it was a very challenging campaign as we could only bring in clients one way.

Our Approach

Between February and March 2016, we put in place a local online strategy that heavily relied on search marketing.

We began by focusing on establishing a 5 km radius online presence for people searching for “Burgers” on Google. The below steps were followed:

  • A Google My Business page was created for Chur Burger to enhance its online presence, meaning they relied less on the direct traffic to the website.
  • Chur Burger’s Google My Business page was updated with the appropriate category, photos and restaurant details.
  • Chur Burger was listed in over 60 niche directories to increase walk-ins through different online channels.
  • Made sure there were no duplicate listings going forward.
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Chur Burger GMB Listing Result

Number One Ranking For "best burger surry hills”

Chur Burger GMB Listing Result

Number One Ranking For "best sydney burgers"

Chur Burger GMB Listing Result

Number One Ranking For "take away burger places near surry hills"

Chur Burger Store Visit Pie Chart