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The challenge

A popular burger chain had tried every trick in the trade to up their online sales but were somehow not achieving success. ROAS was stuck at 2X while the client was expecting it to increase to at least 3X. That’s when they approached our agency partner to help them boost their online visibility and orders.

The client’s strategy prior to Mavlers’ intervention

  • The food chain had a Meta campaign set up for a target audience with mixed interest
  • They were using the broad targeting strategy
  • They were running generic ads for all products

So, while all this was getting them some sales, the client’s business was not seeing a significant improvement month over month. And like any other business, they were expecting a spike in sales through their ad spend; they wanted a better return on the ad spend (ROAS).

How Mavlers used real-time targeting and optimized campaigns to help them achieve their goal

On the project detailing call, we wrapped our heads around their KPIs and results so far. Then, to understand the current digital landscape, we performed a gap analysis to help us draw our new campaign strategies to meet the requirement.

In the first phase, we split the generic campaign into 3 categories - Burger categories, new range of burgers, and active offers. The paid ad experts at Mavlers did this by leveraging machine signals to pick interested audiences in real time.

We created ads with an emphasis on special burgers and new launches with a good mix of “FOMO” & “Scarcity” strategy. This was done to create some excitement among our TGs to try these ranges of burgers.

By implementing this, we started to see an improvement in sales which was majorly due to the hype of the new burger & the excitement in the users to try it. We changed the strategy from broad to structured targeting. This ensured the messaging caters to a particular niche of customers. How did this help? It significantly eliminated the spending as the focus was on a smaller, more-likely-to-convert audience. This helped to improve the sales numbers.

The result

The new special burger ads that started in January helped to increase the ROAS 3X; in one of the primary campaigns it even went up to 5X. The new-on-the-menu burger ad alone produced an ROAS of 3+. In a nutshell, this strategy helped the client to improve their ROAS by 33%.